ThisThingRips R2 Rig Edition Vaporizer Review

R2 Rig Edition Vaporizer Review

ThisThingRips is back with a vengeance, introducing the R2 Rig Edition Vaporizer. This vape is part of their new RiG series, which consists of muscular pen units with extra thick coils designed for dabbing wax on-the-go.

The R2 Rig is a beefed up version of their original R2 Series vaporizer, with larger ceramic heating rods and thicker titanium coils. It also features a built-in wax jar--pretty rare and really convenient for vaping on-the-fly.


The vapor production is big and bold, on a par with an enail, so we recommend the R2 Rig Edition for those who like big dab-like clouds. Overall, you get a dabbing experience without the hassle of lugging around an enail or dab rig, since R2 Rig Edition is relatively compact.

We are giving away the R2 Rig Edition along with its smaller cousin, the R2 slim vape pen, in this month’s vaporizer contest. In addition, we’ll be giving away another TTR package of quartz vapes: The OG Four 2.0 Rig and its smaller cousin, the OG Four 2.0 Slim.


R2 Rig Edition Vaporizer


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At first glance, you’re looking at a big boy vape pen with some heft. But when you really think of it, this is a very compact portable enail, a vape that is usually large and burdensome to carry around.

You get six pieces: Silicone wax container, battery, adjustable airflow piece, atomizer, visual reaction chamber, and mouthpiece. They fit together snug, and with the exception of the visual chamber and mouthpiece, they’re made out of high grade metal. The visual chamber connects to the atomizer via a rubber grommet, the same way that the mouthpiece attaches to the top of the visual chamber. The grommets make it easy to disconnect when cleaning or loading. All other pieces are attached via threading.

(A simple twist of the airflow adjustment ring toggles cloud density and size, which also effects flavor.)

The visual reaction chamber is a trademark of #ThisThingRips. This is a transparent chamber made of highlighter green plastic that allows you to watch waxy oils vaporize into clouds, which is a visual treat, but also helpful because you’ll know after taking a hit whether the chamber is cleared. The mouthpiece has good draw resistance, so expect big flowy hits.

Although R2 Rig Edition is thicker and a bit longer than the average vape pen it’s still reasonably compact, especially compared to the rigs and enails that this vape behaves like. It’s just under 6 inches in length, and about ¾ inch wide. It’s fairly heavy because of the battery, but that weight translates into impressive power. This vaporizer looks and feels solid, like a handgun. But for all its solidity, it feels soft and grippy in your palm thanks to the rubberized exterior.

Vapor Production

Expect big, lung-busting dabs from the R2 Rig Edition vaporizer on the first rip--even on the lowest temperature. It won’t be as smooth as say, a low-temp quartz coil vape. But that’s the point. #ThisThingRips made the R2 Rig for those who like dab-like hits, but who want a portable vaping experience instead of being tied to a desktop.

The rips come fast without any pre-heating or having to take a few hits before the pen starts making bigger clouds. R2 Rig Edition does an excellent job of extracting flavor from waxy oils. The ceramic rods are inert, so they don’t rub off on the taste of the vapor. The clouds are milky, dense, and flavor-rich.

(Simply pop the visual reaction chamber off to reveal a double ceramic rod atomizer with extra-thick coils.)

The atomizer is a standard diameter but the double ceramic rods are wrapped in more titanium coils than the average atomizer. This results in bigger, robust clouds. The mouthpiece is flowy, making the draws long and the clouds big when the adjustable airflow piece is fully open. You can toggle this piece to customize the size and density of your hits.

Overall you’re going to get potent, large-sized draws akin to a dab rig or enail, but with much more portability and easier controls.

Ease of Use

Vape pens are the easiest type of vaporizer to control, and that ease-of-use definitely carries over to the R2 Rig Edition despite the fact that it is basically a portable enail. 

R2 Rig Edition features a plastic hashtag shaped power button that references #ThisThingRips brand name. This single button control is simple and intuitive. 5 clicks turns the R2 Rig on, 3 clicks cycles through the three temperatures. Each temperature is color coded:

500F - Blue

550F - Green

600F - Red

The R2 Rig vape has a ‘set it and forget it’ smart battery. After choosing a temperature, the next time you use the Rig it will automatically revert back to your last temp.

ThisThingRips R2 Rig Edition

Sometimes you wish your clouds were bigger or smaller, milder or more flavor-rich, but with most vape pens you can’t adjust cloud size. #ThisThingRips included an adjustable airflow ring so you do just that. Twisting the ring takes a bit of force, but that’s what keeps it from moving once your airflow is set.

Finally, at the bottom of the R2 Rig Edition battery is a silicone wax jar. It’s connected via threading and holds a substantial amount of waxy oils (around 2 grams) in a non-stick container. The wax jar is hidden well, and the silicone walls are easy to clean and do not gunk up, saving every bit of wax.


Size-wise R2-Rig Edition isn’t the most compact vape pen. You sacrifice a bit of stealthiness for that extra power. But it is one of the most compact enails if not the most compact enail.

(No need to carry a wax jar. There's one hidden on the butt of the R2 Rig Edition battery.) 

The hidden wax container certainly adds an element of stealth and portability, since you don’t need to carry around a wax jar with you wherever you go.

If you vape on-the-go more often than not, and you don’t need big rips, you’ll want a more compact vape pen. But if you want a portable way of enjoying big rips, R2 Rig Edition is the most compact and stealthy way to enjoy that experience.

Is the R2 Rig Edition Vaporizer For You?

R2 Rig Edition Vaporizer

If you enjoy giant rips, and don’t want the hassle of handling a desktop dab rig, the R2 Rig Edition is for you. The hits are potent, super flavorful, and sizable right out of the gates, just like a dab rig. But the design is sleek and compact. No bubbler. No big awkward body. Just big clouds in only 5 seconds.

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