Top 3 Methods for Cleaning your Vaporizer

Top 3 Methods for Cleaning your Vaporizer
It’s very important to properly maintain and clean your vaporizer on a regular basis because the efficiency and life of the product are dependent on it.  When the screen inside your Vaporizer is clogged or blocked with residue, it makes it increasingly difficult for air/vapor to pass through.  This causes decreased efficiency and a rather unpleasant vaporizing experience.  Therefore, it’s imperative that you keep your Vaporizer running optimally by using simple and quick methods to properly maintain it.  Nowadays, there exists a plethora of different style Vaporizers. However, almost every Vaporizer utilizes a screen, whip, or glass component of some kind.  The following three methods are considered the most popular and effective for cleaning your Vaporizer and the accompanying components.    

1)      Use a brush or cleaning utensil of some kind to scrape away all the residue that’s formed on the screen inside your Vaporizer.  If possible, take the screen out of the whip/herb chamber and clean thoroughly with a brush.  Most Vaporizers come with replacement screens that can be used whenever your original screen gets too dirty. However, if you properly maintain your screens with weekly cleanings, you can make your screens last much longer.

2)      Without any herbs inside your whip/herb chamber, turn the heat up on your Vaporizer and “burn” away the nasty residue that’s formed on your screen.  If you’re using a whip-style vaporizer, simply pull through the plastic tubing while the heat is turned up all the way.  Just make sure you have NO herbs inside your whip/herb chamber.

3)      If your Vaporizer has glass pieces, use a cleaning solution like Orange Chronic or Agent Orange.   This is by far the easiest and most effective method for cleaning any glass pieces that’s included with you Vaporizer. This citrus based cleaning solution is amazingly efficient at cleaning any glass piece within a matter of minutes.  Simply put the glass piece in a plastic zip-lock bag along with about 2 oz of the Orange Chronic/Agent Orange cleaning solution.  Shake the bag for about 5 – 10 minutes then dispose of the nasty residue.  After you’ve rinsed the glass piece with running water for a couple minutes, it should look good as new.
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