Trifecta Vaporizer - A True Triple Threat

A lot of pen style vaporizers, while being super portable and discreet, usually lack the performance capabilities of a regular vape. I love the design and simplicity of a pen-vape, but I am sometimes disappointed by how well they can perform.  The two things I have been looking for in a pen-style vape are great functionality, and the ability to be compatible with not just one content but herbs, oils, and other aromatherapy concentrates. The Trifecta vaporizer ended up fulfilling these needs and became my favorite pen-style vaporizer to date. Before I got the Trifecta I tried a similar vape made by the same manufacturer White Rhino, called the Dube. I really enjoyed the Dube vaporizer, so I figured why not get one of each? They are both made exceptionally well but I figured the Trifecta would be a great higher-end choice. 

Since owning the Trifecta Vaporizer, I have really put it to good use. I don’t think I have ever used a vaporizer as much as this personal pen-style unit. The Trifecta vape can be used anywhere and very effectively, so I never feel the need to use other desktop vapes like I have in the past. It looks sleek and simple which is great when you’re out in public. Pen style vapes have always been something for on the go and not so much for home use. But trust me; I get big rips from this little thing. I like to use it at home and when I go out. This is definitely the ultimate vaporizer for a vapor enthusiast who is always on the go. Another amazing thing about the Trifecta is its long and consistent battery life. It lasts for hours and heats up my blends fast and thoroughly. The only thing that is crucial to be aware of is the maintenance of the Trifecta vaporizer. I always make sure to clean it routinely, ensuing a more enjoyable experience and longevity of my device.