Vape or Smoke - Vaporize in Seconds!

The Vape-or-Smoke is one of the newest arrivals to hit the portable vaporizer world and it has a distinct advantage over most of the others currently on the market.  You have the option to be able to enjoy your herbs by vaporizing them or by simply smoking them as you usually would.  All that you need to do is make a quick adjustment to go from smoking to vaporizing, and vice versa.  In fact, all that really needs to be done in order to do so is to simply turn a screw and you’re set (instead of a screwdriver, you can just use your fingernail).  So in all actuality you are getting two units for the price of one.  The Vape-or-Smoke uses a butane torch with a low flame setting to heat up the air immediately and has a chamber that is designed in a way so that it keeps the flame far enough away from your herbs to give you the most control possible. 

Now when you are vaporizing, you are actually able to dial it in to match up with your own personal preference, which is a great addition.  When doing so, you will want to test out what temperature suits your needs best through trial and error so you don’t just end up smoking your herbs.  But the best part of this unit is that the heat up time is literally nothing at all.  This means you don’t have to wait and are up and ready to go in no time at all.  Another great thing about this unit is that there is no need to have to replace any batteries or fumble around with a cord that would keep you tethered to the wall.  All you need is to fill it up with some butane and you’re set to start vaping.
Because of its compact size, the Vape-or-Smoke is extremely easy to take with you wherever you go and keep it concealed, so as not to attract any unwanted attention.  It is also much lower in price when compared to some of the other portable vaporizers that are on the market today.  Just for the simple fact that it gives you the option to smoke or vape puts this unit in a league of its own.  Not too many other products out there even offer the option to do so.  So the fact that they do is a huge plus for those who like to enjoy their herbs both ways and only want to use one unit.  The Vape-or-Smoke is also made with only materials of the highest quality to ensure a very sturdy unit that is built to last.