Why Are Vape Sales Soaring?

A new report suggests vaporizers are growing more popular than smoking

According to Eaze, a California-based dry herb delivery service, sales of vape cartridges in the Golden State recently skyrocketed 400%. In 2015, vape cartridges made up 6% of Eaze’s total revenue. In 2016, they soared to 24%.

Interestingly, most of these vape sales occurred in Silicon Valley.

To put these percentages into perspective, one in five of Eaze’s total orders included a vape cartridge.

On the other hand, traditional dry herb sales, which used to account for 75% of Eaze’s total sales, dwindled to 54%.

Before we say vaping is bigger than smoking, let’s make two distinctions: Eaze only looked at 250,000 app users and 5,000 people who actually ordered products from them. While this is one of the largest reports to date, it still might not reflect the state of the entire market.

It could just easily be the case that the numbers say something about the direction consumer behavior is headed in regards to vaping


Why Do People Vape?

San Diego State University recently took to Twitter to conduct a study about why their students use vaporizers instead of smoking.

Rather than spend millions screening people in person or by phone, SDSU analyzed 30 million tweets made between 2012 and 2015. It turns out, the main reason people vape changed in the interim.

In 2012, most people vaped to try and quit smoking. By 2015, most people used a vaporizer to look cool.

Other notable reasons include being able to vape different flavors, and the pleasant odor of vaporizers.

So is social image really the big reason why vaping has grown in popularity? On a superficial level, perhaps. But to really answer the question, we’d have to ask what makes vaporizers cool in the first place.


The Future of VapingDaVinci IQ

The herb industry is climbing toward a predicted $20 to $30 billion dollar annual revenue by 2020, and vape manufacturers are capitalizing on that growth with awesome products that satisfy every consumer segment.

From the PAX 2 portable vaporizer for dry herb, which features mobile app control, to the DaVinci IQ, which combines elegant design with explorational new heat settings, vaporizers provide a more efficient, convenient, and aesthetically enjoyable experience than smoking ever could.

It makes sense that people would think vapes are cooler, because, in many ways they are. It’s like evolution. The next thing is a little better than the last.

Who knows if vaping will one day take over smoking. But the numbers suggest it’s only a matter of time.



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