Vape Vape Pass - A Guide to Polite Group Vaping

Vaping with the Herbalizer

There are unwritten, unspoken, but accepted and intrinsic rules that govern all facets of daily human life.  From covering your mouth when you cough to holding the door for an elderly person, there are guidelines in place that help us treat each other well and allow the world to spin in a peaceful fashion.  These rules are not mandatory but do indeed accumulate into a world in which people get along much better than if they hadn’t followed them.  Vaping is no different.  Just like the time-honored customs for smoking marijuana with others, there is an important axiom of conduct in place for vaping cannabis with companions.

If you take anything away from this, always pass it to the left.

When vaping herb in a group setting, there is no tool better suited than a desktop vaporizer.  For the purposes of this guide, we will explore the etiquette surrounding the use of three top-of-the-line desktop vapes: the universally adored Volcano Digital Vaporizer, the versatile Vapir Rise Vaporizer (with the multiuser adapter), and the phenomenal Herbalizer Vaporizer in its fantastical freestyle mode.

Loose Lips Sink Vape Circles

If you’re using a balloon vape such as the Volcano Digital Vaporizer, there are a few rules of conduct worth acknowledging. Arguably the best aspect of a balloon vape is that the balloon can hold enough vapor to get your comrades and yourself amply ripped with ease. By the same delicious token is the undeniable fact that numerous people will be sharing one mouthpiece in the process.

While sharing is caring, nobody wants to swap too many microbes and catch a cold or taste what your friend had for lunch. A good procedure to follow when you’re sharing a bag or balloon with a single mouthpiece is to be conscious of how you’re inhaling. Try not to wrap the inside of your lips around the mouthpiece but rather curl them inward slightly so that the drier, outside portion of your lips are the only part that comes into direct contact with the mouthpiece. Additionally, if you suspect you’re sick, don’t partake. There will be plenty of vapor to share with the buddies once your sniffles go away.

Don’t be a Vape Hog

Vapir Rise with bagYou’ve got the gang together and it’s time to form a unifying vaporizer circle.  Nobody wants to wait for their turn and everyone wants to puff on the herb simultaneously. Hopefully you have a multiuser desktop vaporizer like the Vapir Rise Vaproizer with the multiuser adapter. This beautiful contraption and others like it allow desktop vaporizers to serendipitously transform into vape versions of hookahs, permitting multiple tokers to share the magical experience all at once.  Amidst this enjoyment comes a moral dilemma. If you’re all huffing and puffing on the same amount of dry leaf, self-control has to come into play. Don’t overdo it and take away valuable vapor from the man or woman next to you.  Life is short, but it’s not so short that you can’t take a breather and let your neighbor get their share as well.

Let’s not forget that what we chose to share defines who we are.

Hotboxing with Clouds

Herbalizer in freestyle modeIf you’ve never considered the possibility of hotboxing with a desktop vaporizer, you’re welcome. Let this be clear, hotboxing is not practical.  However, some of the most tremendously fun and enjoyable things in the universe are far from practical, and hotboxing with a vaporizer is a perfect example.  One of the only vapes on the market that allows you to hotbox is the Herbalizer Vaporizer with its freestyle mode.  Essentially, when you put the Herbalizer Vaporizer into freestyle mode, heavenly vapor freely pours out of the unit and can quickly fill a small area with a dense, delectable haze of pure joy.  The only fundamental rule here is to respect other’s lungs.  Hotboxing just isn’t for everyone, and while it can be an exciting group activity, not everyone in the room may want to partake in your vapor-enveloping of the area.  Let others know what is about to go down, and let those not interested to vacate the spot before the clouds take over.

There is no reason that manners can’t make their way into the vape world.  Such a harmonious and communal activity can only benefit from treating each other beyond well and better than deserved.

William Updyke
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