Vaporize while Charging with the Arizer Solo!

In 2011, Arizer Diffusers debuted their first portable vaporizer, the Solo. Available in stylish Silver or Black, the Arizer Solo set a new standard for portable herbal vaporizers thanks to its fast heating time, durable anodized exterior and all-glass vapor delivery stem. Already one of the most popular portable vaporizers for sale in our store, the Solo Vaporizer now can be used to vaporize while the unit is charging. This was one of the primary consumer complaints about an otherwise flawless vape. Users had to wait for an hour and a half and *GASP* use a different vaporizer while waiting for their Solo to get fully charged. Thankfully Arizer has changed that in these new models.

Over the last ten years Arizer has been producing some of the best loved vaporizers in the industry. People have come to depend upon Arizer products for their sturdy construction, fast heating times, and superior vapor production. Many folks already knew their name when the Solo hit the market in May 2011; Arizer had already garnered great brand recognition thanks to their original whip vape, the V-Tower. The V-Tower delivers efficient performance and satisfying results for an amazing value.
Arizer took the forced-air technology a step further with the Extreme Q Vaporizer (seen right) by adding the option of a balloon bag for direct inhalation and a remote control so you can start your Extreme Q from the comfort of pretty much anywhere in your abode. The Extreme Q heats up within 2 minutes and fills your bag in under 90 seconds! This is truly satisfying vapor for your aromatherapy practice to seriously go to the next level. In all facets, Arizer has got you covered at home and on the road.

With the Arizer Solo's new charge-while-vaping functionality you don't have to wait to vape! Simply plug in your AC adapter, load the stem with material and set your temperature. Personally, I like to hit the Solo at level 4 or 5 with my friends and colleagues, but if you're daring, go 6 or 7. This will guarantee that you're getting massive rips that you can taste, and big billowing clouds that will impress your friends.

Hope you have a great weekend and Happy Vaping!

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