Vapir No2 Rises Above the Competition

The Vapir No2 is one of the funkiest looking vaporizers around.  I personally love design and shape, it looks great, and if you didn't know that is was a vaporizer good luck trying to figure out what it is.  But the best part is, it is a vaporizing machine, the No2 can vape with the best of them.  Some of it's most impressive features include a pure brass heating element, a rechargeable battery and a temperature control memory system.  The Vapir No2 is also virtually noiseless, comes with an auto-shutoff feature, is small and lightweight and heats up under 1 minute.  When it comes to portable vapes it's hard to beat the Vapir No2.

Some of the accessories that are included with your purchase of the Vapir No2 vaporizer are as follows.  Four mesh replacement screens, one rechargeable lithium ion battery, a tube attachment, one Vapir mouthpiece, a wall charger, an herbal scooper, a cleaning brush and two stirring sticks.  After you purchase your No2 you will have everything you ever needed to get started vaping right away (herbs not included).  Check out this review from one very satisfied customer...

"I'm on my second one, not because it needed to be replaced after three years, but it's nice to have a second one to sit around with friends that also don't smoke. I saw the Willie Nelson add for the Vapir No2, and thought if it's good enough for Willie, it's good enough for me, and he was right...You won't be sorry!" - Mickey

And you know if Willie Nelson has one that you should too!