Vapir Prima Now Available For Pre-Order

Earlier this summer, Vapir officially announced that their newest vaporizer offering was in the final stages of production, and that it would be released sometime in the fall. Well, the time has come, and we're thrilled to announce that the newest vaporizer from Vapir, the Prima, is now available to pre-order! Be one of the first to own this revolutionary new portable device that will undoubtedly rival other top-tier units.

The Prima is the brand-new portable vape that supports both dry herbs as well as waxy concentrates. Vapir took a fresh approach to the design of the Prima, and were able to come up with something truly unique and elegant. Featuring a durable brushed aluminum body, the Prima boasts a removable stainless steel vapor path (for easy cleaning), and a removable/replaceable lithium-ion battery (so that you can keep a backup battery charged and ready to go at a moment's notice). This unit utilizes four preset temperature settings, which range from 350°F (Level 1) to 400°F (Level 4). By not exceeding 400°F, the Prima ensures that your vaporizing experience will be combustion-free.
Vapir did a great job with the Prima's visual appeal. It's easily one of the sexiest looking vaporizers in recent memory. In fact, they've managed to created something sleek and sophisticated, while still maintaining an element of heavy-duty durability. While some other portables feel cheap and flimsy, the Prima boasts a build quality that is second to none. Rest assured knowing that the Prima can dish out whatever your on-the-go vape sessions can throw at it. In addition, Vapir backs the the Prima with an industry leading 5 year warranty.
There's few other portables that perform on the level of the Prima. By combining true convection with conduction (similar to the way that the Crafty functions), the Prima produces some of the tastiest, most plentiful vapor clouds of any portable device. There's absolutely no learning curve with this device. Just pack it up, set your temperature, and get ready for a vaporization experience like no other. If you're tired of vaporizers that just don't produce enough vapor for your liking, you'll for sure want to check out the Prima. There's certainly no shortage of vapor with this unit.
A removable 3.6v 3200mAh lithium-ion battery is what powers this device, which charges on a base which is included with the unit. When the battery is fully charged, you'll be able to squeeze out about an hour of continuous use. However, the fact that the Prima's battery is removable gives you the option to keep multiple backup batteries charged up so that if one runs out at an inopportune time, you can just swap it out for a full charged one. With the Prima, you'll never be without juice again.
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