Vape It Cool with the Vapir Rise Glass Bubbler

Vapir has released a new bubbler attachment for their Vapir Rise desktop vaporizer, enabling users to moisture-condition and purify the unit’s already impressively pure vapor. Great news for pure vaping enthusiasts, as well as those who like their vapor to be pleasantly smooth to inhale.

The addition of a glass bubbler to the Vapir Rise effectively lowers the temperature of your vapor while purifying it through water filtration. The result is vapor production that is smoother, purer, and cooler, making for flavor-rich draws that feel soothing and refreshing.   

Didn’t think you could get more out of your Vapir Rise desktop unit? Let’s take a look at how the new glass bubbler attachment can enhance your vaping experience with one of the best vaporizers for tabletop use.

A Matter of Taste

The Vapir rise is crafted from the perfect material for “pure” vaporization. When it comes to vape flavor, material really matters. Plastic or metal vapor paths can “rub off” on the flavor of your vapor. That’s why “true vapor” connoisseurs generally prefer vaping with units that boast ceramic or glass air paths. The inert nature of certain types of ceramics and glass allow vapor to pass through unadulterated. The Vapir Rise glass bubbler is crafted from high quality borosilicate glass, the most inert glass there is, delivering a very high level of purity that can be tasted in each draw.

The design of this 12 inch long, ground glass bubbler is sleek and cylindrical, like a flask from a futuristic laboratory. Protruding from the cylinder is a bubble-shaped lower reservoir where water is held. A tubing adapter enables you to enjoy the bubbler’s water-chilled vapor whip-style. Vapir’s engineering is simple and precise, so the vapor flows through to the end of the pipe without much resistance. This leads us to the process by which the Vapir Rise bubbler helps your vape sessions rise to the occasion.

How Do Bubblers Work?

The Vapir Rise bubbler attachment is easy-to-use. You simply attach the silicon adapter to the chamber of the Vapir Rise, fill the lower reservoir of the glass bubbler, and fit it on the adapter. The bubbler and adapter fit snugly, ensuring a stable connection while you are vaping. As you inhale, vapor comes bubbling up through the water, sifting through small slits in the design, and rising up to the lip of the glass pipe, transformed. The bubbling process has the dual function of moisturizing vapor and removing any impurities through water filtration.

The Vapir Rise bubbler attachment is a welcome accessory to an already high performance desktop vaporizer. The Vapir Rise boasts a rapid heat up time of one minute, whip or balloon-bag compatibility, a sturdy yet sophisticated stainless steel design, and a forced air system that purifies the air used to create vapor as it enters the device. Now users who prefer cooler, smoother hits to crisp ones, and appreciate the pure tasting vapor that glass delivers, can truly get the most out of their Vapir Rise.

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