Vapir Rise Vaporizer

The Vapir Rise is a brand new balloon bag vaporizer from the makers of the NO2 and the One 5.0. This is a sturdy, reliable machine that will revolutionize your vaporizing experience! Vapir is a leader in the vaporizer industry and they have outdone themselves with a state of the art forced air vape in the Rise. The Rise is easy to use out of the package with no assembly required. The Rise is incredibly easy to use and it is compatible with waxes, oils, concentrates or dry herbs. If you're looking for functionality, then look no further - the Vapir Rise offers it all. It's also much more affordable than many of the other Forced-Air Vaporizers that are currently on the market.

The Vapir Rise comes with a precise touch pad control system, making your vaporization experience more efficient and enjoyable. The temperature can be displayed in either Fahrenheit or Celsius, whichever you prefer. The Rise was calibrated to reach the optimal vaporizing temperature in under 1 minute. This is so fast it’s not even funny! You can load your herbs while the unit is heating up and then once it has reached the optimal temperature, attach the bag to the unit and watch it inflate with sweet, delicious vapor.

The bag is ideal for group vape sessions, but you can also use the Vapir Rise with a traditional whip attachment made of high quality silicone tubing. Vapir takes the user experience very seriously whiech is why the Vapir Rise is made of only the highest quality components and materials. The unit utilizes a HEPA air filter and forced-air fan system, but it is quiet as a new ceiling fan and very easy to pack up and transport.
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