Vapir Vaporizers, Past and Present

Vapir has made some of the most advanced and unique looking vaporizers that I have ever seen.  Take the Vapir One 5.0 over here on the left for an example.  If you did not already know that it was a vaporizer you would have a hell of time guessing what it was supposed to be.  It looks like something that belongs on a construction site or would be used in a laboratory.  Another vaporizer that Vapir makes exceptionally well is the Vapir Rise.  It is a plugin vaporizer that allows for the use of a whip attachment, a balloon bag and is the first vaporizer to include a multi-user adapter.  The multi-user adapter can support up to four different people at once making it great for parties and social gatherings.  The third Vapir vaporizer that we will be featuring is the Vapir NO2.  The NO2 is a portable vaporizer that comes with a pure brass heating element, a rechargeable battery, temperature memory system and digital temperature control system.  The fourth vaporizer that Vapir makes is the Vapir Oxygen Mini Vaporizer.  Its compact and lightweight design make it a fan favorite.  It also sports a fast heat-up time and a digital temperature control system.  Oxygen Mini vaporizer is the most affordable of the Vapir vaporizers and the most portable.  Here is what one person had to say about the Vapir Oxygen Mini vaporizer.
"For the $100 i would say this vape is a great deal. It does the job perfectly and gets you super uplifted. The cleaning/packin-g process is very simple, although it is a bit of a drag sometimes only takes a total of a minute and a half, just be careful when you are cleaning and packing, dont overpack either. However, its small it works wonders and theres no smell, you can taste the herb and i love it." - Paul

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