Vapolution 2.0 - Glass on Glass Technology

When determining which vaporizer to use for aromatherapy, first think about which company is green themselves and that’s Vapolution.  A lot of folks begin using a vaporizer as a way to save their lungs, but when purchasing from Vapolution, they also save the Earth.  With products that are packaged using recycled material and all of their vehicles running on 100% bio-diesel, this company provides for the eco-enthusiast who wants a really well constructed vaporizer.  Taking pride in designing the original glass-on-glass vaporizer, the Vapolution 2.0 incorporates a custom glass heater that doesn’t require any metal or ceramic and this can be tasted in the purest vapor possible.  With such high quality glass mouthpieces created in house by the Vapolution crew, it’s no surprise that they took vaporizing to new levels of flavor with the completely glass All-In-Wonder chamber.  This brilliant glass piece allows for the removal of the plastic tube and offers up a hit of vapor that is absolutely void of any toxins that may be released with poor quality metal.  That’s what vaporizing is all about: discovering the healthiest way to enjoy your herbs.

A deceivingly light weight construction makes this vaporizer a viable option for those who want to use their vaporizer on the go.  Simply hook up the battery pack and get ready to experience two hours of continuous usage.  And when plugged in this machine can be left on for eight hours without any fear of overheating, which is always nice for those who may be a little more forgetful at times.  The device itself remains cool to the touch even when it’s heated up and ready to vaporize, because nobody wants to deal with exposed hot surfaces and potential burns.  Unlike virtually every other vaporizer available on the market, the Vapolution 2.0 does not require the user to grind their herbs prior to vaping.  With this configuration the bud is simply broken up with the fingers and rolled into vapor pellets that are placed in the glass.  With friction keeping the pellets firmly in place the user simply draws through the mouthpiece in order to experience the purest vapor with the original all glass Vapolution heating element.  Any vapor enthusiast is sure to be pleased with such a flavorful hit.
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