We Found the Stealthiest Vaporizer Ever

Portable vaporizers are a convenient way to fit vaping into your everyday life. That’s because they’re easy to carry around, but most importantly, because they enable stealthy vaping. As a rule for public vaporization, the stealthier the vape, the better. Usually, discreet vaporizers take a pen-like design reminiscent of an ecigarette. That way you can vape anything and look to be inhaling no more than nicotine. But some vaporizers take the idea of discreet to a whole other level. For example, the PUFFiT vaporizer, which takes the shape of a bronchodilator inhaler, is like a gizmo out a James Bond movie. But the discreet vape that takes the cake is the Vapor Cup. This extremely low-key herbal vaporizer offers advanced features and high quality vapor production that no one will notice.

Extremely Discreet, Exceptional Performance

The Vapor Cup caters to the discreet vaporizer user by offering go-with-you-anywhere portability in a design so unassuming, you’d have to physically inspect it to know it was more than a mug. The only downside to this is the bulkiness, making it impossible to fit in your pocket. But considering the Vapor Cup’s incognito design, stowing it away isn’t necessary. From the sleek, stainless steel design, to the standard sleeve which disguises the LCD, this is a portable vape optimized for on-the-go vaporization in any situation. Are you simply drinking a coffee? Or are you vaporizing the choicest herbal vape materials in a device that disguises itself even better than vape pens?

So how do things perform under the hood? The Vapor Cup doesn’t sacrifice performance for discretion. While other vaporizers are content to lack in usability or ample feature sets in favor of incognito operation, the Vapor Cup meets many of the standards set by the best vaporizers. The unit boasts Precision Temperature Control, which makes it a valuable addition to any vaping enthusiast’s arsenal. This enables users to set a precise thermal sweet spot, within a single degree, delivering high quality vapor at the ideal temperature for vaporization.

Two Ways to Vape

The Vapor Cup offers two ways to enjoy herbal vaporization. If you’re vaping quickly and on-the-fly, you can simply pack your vaping material into the stem of the glass straw mouthpiece. If you’d like to set up a longer session that produces more vapor, you can load the heating chamber under the lid. The chamber fits more vaping material (and therefore produces more vapor) than the glass stem, allowing users to share their “drink” with multiple people.

The heating chamber is removable, making the Vapor Cup exceptionally easy to clean for a portable vaporizer, and therefore maintain through the years. Simple remove the lid and pull out the chamber, which can be cleaned with alcohol or other vape-friendly solutions.

The Verdict

In the face of discretionary devices and portable vapes, the Vapor Cup carves out a niche for the discerning customer by offering a product that is both camouflaged and feature-rich. If you're in the market for a vaporizer you can take with you to the ball game, the workplace, or the in-laws, this is the product that will deliver with aplomb. 

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