VaporBlunt Vaporizers, Precision and Dedication

VaporBlunt has always been dedicated the art or vaporization.  It was impossible not to notice their constant attention to detail and strive to improve upon past designs.  Today we will take a quick look at the VaporBlunt and the Palm vaporizer.  We also snapped some pictures of the Pinnacle and the Pinnacle Pro which we will review later.

We will start with the original VaporBlunt, a medium sized portable vaporizer that comes in a variety of colors and is great for herbs.  It has a super fast heat up time (less than one minute) and is completely cordless featuring a rechargeable battery that can last for hours.  It comes with a few different accessories such as a wall charger, turn knob, utility tool, screen and a mouthpiece/flavor tip.  The different color options available are black/black, black/pink, black/red, black/silver and black/red.  The VaporBlunt is slightly larger than most other vaporizers in its class, coming in at almost twelve inches long.  But that size is justified by the quality of vapor the VaporBlunt is capable of producing day in and day out.  The VaporBlunt currently retails for $199.95 at Vapor Nation.

The VaporBlunt was a smash hit, and now they have released a new an improved version called the VaporBlunt 2.0.  Not surprisingly they did a complete overhaul of the original VaporBlunt design.  Not only is the 2.0 version more compact but it looks much more sleek as well.  It features a technologically advanced heating system with a 90 second warm-up time that will have you vaping almost immediately. The VaporBlunt 2.0 also comes with a ton of different accessories free of charge.  Included with your purchase is the following; one wire cleaning brush, one essential oil filling chamber, one essential oil glass mouthpiece, one bamboo cleaning stick, one cleaning tool, one replacement mouthpiece, one flavored mouth piece, one VaporBlunt 2.0 charger, one instruction manual and a VaporBlunt 2.0 stand for convenient storage.  The VaporBlunt2.0 is now retailing for $249.99 at Vapor Nation.

The next VaporBlunt product we will feature is the Palm Vaporizer.  This handy little tool is about as simple a vaporizer as has ever been produced.  It is incredibly discreet and even more portable.  One of the things I like most about it is the all glass air path from the heating chamber, the protective case makes it nearly impossible to break.  The Palm vaporizer is also more than affordable costing just under $90.00 USD.  The Palm comes in nine different colors; Black, Blue, Green, Grey, Orange, Pink, Red, White and Clear.  The Palm portable vaporizer also comes with two batteries, two mouthpiece tips, one battery charger and one instruction manual.

After another amazing success, this time with the Palm vaporizer, VaporBlunt decided it was once again time for an upgrade.  So they redesigned the Palm and made it even better.  This new Version 2.0 comes with an improved heating chamber and allows the maximum vapor efficiency currently possible in a vaporizer of it’s size, it’s only true rival being the MFLB (Magic Flight Launch Box).  Another great feature is the lifetime warranty, if you are on the fence about a particular product than a lifetime warranty can really help tilt the balance.  You know the manufacturer means business when they are willing to stand behind their product for life.  The Palm 2.0 is only slightly more expensive retailing at Vapor Nation for $107.99 USD.