VaporBrothers Vaporizer Stands the Test of Time

Box style vaporizers have been gaining wide spread recognition and acclaim since first introduced by VaporBrothers.  The VaporBrothers Vaporizer is the leading box style vaporizer available today. With its unique design and incomparable performance attributes, the vape stands in a class of its own. Most vaporizers especially desktop style vapes use metals to generate heat for substances to reach prime conditions for vaporizing. The VaporBrothers vape stands out in this regard as it is one of the few vaporizers to utilize a purely mineral ceramic heating aspect, allowing the vapor to be clean and toxic free. Using a whip style system of vapor intake, it allows for a hands free attachment to inhale the cleanest vapor possible but also with the option of attaching a regular non-hands free whip. Each unit comes in a wood finish with the choice of light or dark tone. 

A distinct feature of the VaporBrothers vaporizer is its very effective whip style system. Whip styles are contrasted to other types of system such as a bag system as it allows the precise inhaling specifications desired by the user. All that is required is for the user to plug it into the vape, it then connects to the chamber where the vaporization process occurs and inhaling can begin. A whip is essentially a medical grade tube made of durable and high quality materials for extended use. Replacing whips are a breeze and at a low cost when it is deemed necessary for replacement. This can be a couple months to years depending on level of usage. The whip style is perfect for individuals who want a consistent method of vaping which can be easily shared for group use as well. Another neat feature of whips is the ability to visually see the vapor going through the tubing making it a more enjoyable experience.  The VaporBrothers vaporizers is the most efficient and best whip style vaporizer in the market with its hands free and non-hands free options.

The VaporBrothers box-style design and function is unparalleled by other herbal vaporizors that retail at higher prices. It is simple and straight forward; there is no clumsy or complicated installation methods bogging down the user and making them not want to use the vape. All you do is adjust the temperature knob, let it heat up for a bit then pack the contents and start inhaling. When inhaling, it is suggested to take steady long hits for optimal vapor release. With the heating system of mineral elements, this herbal vaporizer provides chemical free vapor as it is not connected to glass or metal materials that have the potential to give off certain toxins. This mineral ceramic element used for the heating process also does not neglect the performance of non-mineral vaporizers, so the user is receiving best of both worlds. The screens provided for this vaporizer are made of ceramic material instead of straight brass like most other vapes. Additionally all VaporBrothers units are backed by a lifetime manufacturer's warranty. In their hands free vape, VaporBrothers created an original magnificent product, which will continue to be widely cherished by the vaporizer community. 
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