Vaporite Vaporizer Pens Reviewed

Hey guys, today I’m really excited to show you some brand new vaporizers that we’ve got exclusive to VaporNation from one of the longtime industry leaders, Vaporite. The Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald are three hot new vape pens that are ideal for travel usage.

We put together a brand new video demonstration for these vaporizers for you to see exactly how each one can be put together, loaded, and used for aromatherapy relaxation no matter where you go. Each of these devices features a handy one-button activator system that makes enjoying your materials a breeze

The Emerald is a premiere loose leaf vaporizer that features a stainless steel coil inside the loading chamber, which creates a convection current sending hot air through the loose leaf blends activating the essential ingredients for therapeutic enjoyment. The Emerald has an ergonomic rubber mouthpiece which cools the vapor from the 400 degree heating chamber.

The Ruby Vaporizer is a high performance pen vaporizer for waxes that heats up virtually instantaneously. Also featuring a one-button activator, the Ruby utilizes an atomizer upon which users dab their concentrated material directly on the heating wick. When the wick heats up, the wax caramelizes and the active components disperse into a flavorful vapor that will put your head in a great place.

If you’re looking to find a healthy alternative to smoking, then look no further than the enjoyable sensations of the Sapphire vaporizer. Whether your druthers are e-liquids, juices or essential oil extracts, the Sapphire vape is a perfect option for bouncing around town and vaping away. With this device, the heating chamber, or clearomizer, is a see through tank in which the liquid vaporizes.

Each of these vapes features a long lasting rechargeable battery that is USB-compatible. Each also is available in a variety of stylish metallic-tinged color options to match your wardrobe or personal aesthetic.

If you're interested in learning more about these vaporizers, check out my brand new how-to video and let me know what you think of my new aerodynamic haircut!