VaporNation's Vaporizer Holiday Buyers Guide of 2016

So you’re tasked with finding a gift for your friend or family member--and you know they’d love a vaporizer.

You want to find a vape that fits your budget and meets the preferences of your pal. But there are thousands of vaporizers of all shapes, sizes, and prices.

To make it easy for you to pinpoint the ideal vape, we’ve compiled the best vaporizers and vape accessories within the three major price ranges.

Whether you’re looking for an affordable, mid-level, or high end vaporizer in the desktop, portable, or vape pen style, Santa’s little helpers are here to aid your search with our 2016 Holiday Buyers Guide.

Vaporizers Under $100

2016 Holiday Buyers Gift GuideWhether you’re looking to stretch your dollar for the ones you love--or buy a cheap gift for someone you don’t like that much--you can find great value for under $100. For less than one Benjamin, five Jacksons (no, not the Jackson 5), or twenty Lincolns, you can find the perfect portable vaporizer for every vaper on your list. A very vaporous vapemas to all!

Cloud Pen Paragon - $99.99

This portable yet powerful wax pen is a delight for those looking for a wax-specific vape pen. The Cloud Pen Paragon’s compact form factor ensures discrete usage, comprised of a USB mini-charged battery, 510 threaded dual quartz rod wax atomizer, and a variable airflow mouthpiece.

This portable wax vape pen maintains a Swiss Army-like utility with an integrated “No-Goo” container and dab tool, making it totally self-contained for portable dabs. Those new to wax vape pens, as well as experienced dabbers, will appreciate the functionality and ease of operation of this wax vaporizer.

Pulsar APX - $59.99

The venn diagram between things that are “good” and things that are “cheap” is generally two disparate circles. However the Pulsar APX portable vaporizer makes some serious headway in the intersection of awesome and affordable. This dry herb vape pen packs enough features for under $60 to make even the biggest of spenders question capitalism.

The Pulsar APX vaporizer has an easy to read front display with five preset temperatures to toggle through, and all functions can be controlled from a single button. The generous ceramic-heated bowl will hold enough dry herb to launch Rudolph into flight, while its discrete operation will make dry herb vaporization accessible anywhere.

#ThisThingRips Roil - $76.99

Albert Einstein once said, “The only thing keeping me from vaping at work is the lack of a wax vape pen disguised as a regular pen.” While it didn't happen for Einstein, you and/or your loved ones can indulge in discreet and portable wax vaporization thanks to #ThisThingRips. Like Superman disguised as Clark Kent, the Roil vaporizer looks like a pen but vapes like a superhero.

Aside from discrete operation, this wax vape has modern amenities found in few pen-style vaporizers, especially at this price point. The vaporization of your wax or oily concentrates is handled by a wax atomizer, made out of ceramic with a coiless design that vaporizes concentrates at a low and slow temperature to conserve the material and preserve the flavor.  The battery is 510 threaded, making it universally compatible with other wax atomizers, and features three preset temperatures the user can select from to optimize their wax vaporization.

Exxus Go - $99.99

If you’re shopping for a wax-loving elf who wants it all--portability and high performance--the Exxus Go is one of the most versatile yet compact portable vapes for waxy oils we’ve seen in awhile. The first thing your gift-recipient will notice about the Exxus Go is the ultra-compact design with a magnetic base if you’d like to set the unit down for a hands-free session. You can stash this little devil anywhere and vape wax like a ninja. But just because the Exxus Go is small doesn’t mean it doesn’t pack a punch.

The glass mouthpiece delivers smooth and flavorful hits, as opposed to plastics or metals that rub off on your vapor. The XL Triple Coil atomizer (yes, we said triple) heats your waxy oils on more surface area for thorough vaporization. And automatic heat cycles take any hassle out of vaping wax--plus they save battery power and prevent the atomizer from overheating. This tiny yet mighty stocking stuffer is bound to please the wax vaping aficionado in your life--which very well may be you.

Vaporizers Under $200

2016 Holiday Buyers Gift GuideThose looking to spend no more than $200 on a vaporizer this holiday season have some choice options that are still affordable. This price range includes some of the best portable vaporizers and vape pens. These vaporizers are ideal for vaping on-the-go, so if the recipient of your holiday cheer leads a crazy modern lifestyle, this is the place to find their next vape.

Magic Flight Launch Box - $119.99

The Magic Flight Launch Box is the picture-perfect vaporizer for a friend who appreciates environmentalism, handcrafted goods, and low-key vaping.

The MFLB is how vaporization looks when it’s carved down to the essentials with some artistic flair. With a funky design crafted from wood by local artisans, the Launch Box imbues upon your vaping sessions an earthy, whimsical vibe. Conveniently cordless, the Magic Flight Launch Box runs on two rechargeable AA batteries. It’s one of the most compact vaporizers on the market, fitting in the palm of your hand. But it’s also one of the most uniquely designed, an anomaly in the vaping world.

Aside from its bohemian aesthetics, the Launch Box vaporizer boasts a five second heat up time and solid conduction-style vapor production. Users can draw from a glass mouth stem for pure, smooth hits, or directly from the Launch Box.

The MFLB is the perfect gift for a friend or family member with a buttoned down style and preference for vaping dry herb on-the-go.

Kandy Pens MINI - $134.95

If you’re seeking a gift for someone with modern sensibilities and a busy lifestyle, the KandyPens MINI is a sleek, high performance wax pen that’s small but mighty.

The KandyPens MINI has three variable heat settings (350F, 390F, and 430F) that are toggled using a simple one-button control. An elevated airflow design prevents wax from leaking into your pocket. And passthrough charging technology allows you to vape while you charge.

On the vapor production side, the KandyPens MINI utilizes a coilless ceramic atomizer that vaporizes wax at a consistent temperature to keep hits smooth and flavorful.

Anyone who likes highly potent draws on-the-fly will appreciate the KandyPens MINI wax pen in their stocking.

AirVape XS - $179.99

The AirVape XS is the quintessential portable vaporizer for dry herbs. It combines most of the latest vaporization technologies in a credit-card-thin unit.

Unlike most portable vaporizers, the AirVape XS features precision temperature control. Every strain has an ideal temperature for unlocking flavor, aroma, and active compounds, and the AirVape lets you pinpoint that golden temp with precision.

When vaping temperature’s been reached, the AirVape XS vibrates to notify you. Just leave the vape in your pocket while it heats. When it buzzes, it’s time to vape.

The vibration system coupled with what is arguably the thinnest design in the vaporizer industry makes the AirVape XS one of the most conveniently stealthy vapes.

Source Orb 4 Signature Kit - $189.95

The Source Orb 4 is not for the faint of heart. It’s for the ultimate wax concentrate enthusiast.

You could call it a wax vape pen. But it’s more like vape mod for concentrates. The Source Orb 4 has a sub-ohm battery that can reach an insanely hot 700F.

The menu of 8 atomizers included with the Source Orb 4 Signature Kit is diverse--very accommodating for every vaporization preference. Combine that with the wide range of temperatures and you’re looking at the ultimate wax vaporizer.

Vaporizers Over $200+

2016 Holiday Buyers Gift GuideNothing says Merry Christmas like a thoughtful gift. Sometimes that means spending a little more.

If you’re looking for an extra special present for an herb-loving friend or family member, the $200+ range is home to some of the best vaporizers. You’ve got high end portable vaporizers, and you’ve got both affordable and top-tier desktop vaporizers, depending on how much you want to spend.

For the most part, vaporizers are priced honestly. So with pricier units, expect the advanced features, premium vapor production, and quality materials their price points promise.

The Sidekick Vaporizer by 7th Floor - $299.99

The SideKick vaporizer by 7th Floor is a portable vaporizer for aficionados of “true vaporization.” You usually need a desktop vaporizer to enjoy pure vapor. But the SideKick vaporizer places that power in the palm of your hand with a hybrid conduction/convection heating system.

The SideKick by 7th Floor utilizes a curious, spiral-shaped metal insert through which vapor travels. This handy apparatus can be removed and left to cool in the refrigerator in between vape sessions. The spiraling path gives vapor more distance to travel, more time to cool off, and chills vapor to the touch.

To keep that vapor tasting pure, the SideKick vaporizer has a hand-blown glass mouthpiece that doesn’t rub off on the hits like plastic or metal can.

This vaporizer is going to make a special someone very happy this holiday season.

Vapir Rise - $249.99

If you’re gifting a desktop vaporizer on a budget, consider the Vapir Rise. At $249.99, it’s fairly affordable for a desktop vape. But the Rise rivals some of the best tabletop units in terms of vapor quality, ease-of-use, and versatility (how many ways you can vape).  

How does Vapir’s desktop vaporizer rise to the occasion? Precise temperature control up to 420F for high heat vaporization makes it easy to vape herb or wax at your ideal temperature.

The Vapir Rise also uses a forced air system with HEPA filtration to deliver vapor of exceptional purity.

Finally, dual-functionality enables you to vape balloon-bag or whip-style, and a multi-user whip adapter let’s up to four friends share the yuletide joy all at once. Some gather around a campfire. Others gather around the Vapir Rise.

Vaporfection viVape - $249.99

Giving a friend the gift of pure, flavorful vapor might make their whole year. With an all-glass vapor path as smooth as an icicle, the Vaporfection viVape strives to live up to its name with perfectly pure vapor production.

Glass is inert, which is Bill Nye’s way of saying it doesn’t react to heat. There’s the prevailing thought that glass delivers purer tasting vapor than plastics or metals. The viVape looks to prove that theory with a glass-on-glass vapor path and heating element. The results of the experiment taste clean and flavorful.

That clean-tasting vapor production is also a product of the viVape’s forced air system, which purifies air before using it to vaporize herb.

If you’re playing Santa for someone who needs to keep their home vaping discreet, the viVape is a great choice. Its forced air system is whisper quiet for silent nights, holy nights of vaping.

The Herbalizer - $599.99

Taking the Herbalizer home for the holidays is the ultimate gift for a vapor lover. This desktop vaporizer has lived up to the hype surrounding it since its launch with an advanced heating system that’s easy to use.

The Herbalizer can vape at temperatures as hot as 445F with zero combustion, a rare feat in the world of vaporization. It can also remember the temperature you were on last time you vaped. If the unit is tipped over, it will automatically shut off, reverting back to the previous temp once you power up again.

The microprocessor that makes this is all possible constantly regulates the halogen bulb heating element to keep the temperature dialed in at your precise setting. This makes it easy to dictate the character of your vapor, whether you prefer smaller, more flavorful hits or larger, intenser draws.

The Herbalizer is ideal for those who value pure vapor for inhalation as well as aromatherapy.

Vaporizer Accessories

2016 Holiday Buyers Gift GuideSeeking the perfect stocking stuffer or geeky gadget for the vaper in your life? There’s no shortage of innovation when it comes to vape accessories these days.

Smoke Buddy - $18.99

Have you ever blown a cloud of vapor from some of your more... noxious dry herbs, only to have the smell immediately blow up your spot? Bet you wish there was a portable air filter for removing that skunky smell. Boom. Done. The Smoke Buddy is a portable device utilizing a carbon filter to remove any odors left by vapor. This companion is great for crowded movie theaters, busses or anywhere you don’t want the smell of your vapor to be picked up.

Grinder Watch - $39.99

Sure, a lot of people would like to wake up christmas morning to a shiny new iWatch, but there’s one feature those watches don’t have at all. A freakin grinder. That’s right, not only can you keep your wrist flossin’ with the Grinder Watch, but you can grind your dry herb directly from the convenience of your arm. Properly ground dry herb ensures even vaporization, so the grinder watch is the perfect on-the-go companion for your portable vaporizer.

Rocket Grinder

Need the perfect gift for the constantly on-the-go multi-tasker in your life? The Rocket Grinder might just fit the bill. Part grinder, part storage device, part one-hitter, equals all awesome. The rocket grinder features a miniature grinder at the top with a stainless steel dry herb compartment and a plug that is also a one-hitter. The unit is made from sturdy aluminum and features a handsome leather wrap, adding the functionality of making your keys look that much more sexy.

Piece Water - $13.99

If you’re repulsed by the state of your loved ones’ water pipe, maybe it's time to upgrade the water to Piece Water. This h3O replacement is all-natural, made from fruit and mineral extracts. Piece water is more viscous (read:thicker) than water, meaning it will catch more particulate from your dry herb, as well as coating glass to prevent resin build up.  A good pipe is a clean pipe, and Piece Water does the work, so you don’t have to. Vape on muh dooooood, vape on.

The Holidays are about counting our blessings, giving thanks for what we have, and making the world a better place for those around us. What better way to spread the joy than with a vaporizer? They’re healthier, more cost-effective, and convenient than smoking.

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