This Month’s Contest Prize Is Magic Flight Muad-Dib

Like the Magic Flight Launch Box, the Muad-Dib vaporizer is a simple wooden box with a mystical design. With a darkly stained finish, hieroglyphic carvings, and a golden brass monocular chamber lid that curiously magnifies your view of the wax vaporization at hand, the Muad-Dib vape looks like something out of the classic PC game Myst. Ideal for those who appreciate unique design and barebone functionality, the Muad-dib vape is this month’s VaporNation Vaporizer Contest prize.

There are over 20 ways to enter to win the Muad-Dib vape, which we’ll go over. But first let’s look at all the reasons to be excited about taking the Muad-Dib wax vaporizer home with you.


The Muad-Dib is a concentrate unit. Compatible with pretty much any wax concentrate--from budder to concentrate--the Muad-Dib vaporizer is flexible with waxy oils. Place a little ball of wax concentrate on the hammock-like wax sheet, press the rechargeable Glyph battery into the port, and prepare for robust vapor from just about any type of waxy oil.


Dabbing enthusiasts should be excited to hear that the Muad-Dib vaporizer can reach an infernal 900F in just seconds. Because the Muad-Dib vaporizer reaches high temperatures to produce big clouds, you can really only take hits through the brass-fitted rubber whip that comes with the device. Unlike the Magic Flight Launch Box, which can be drawn from straight from the output hole or via straw-stem, the Muad-Dib vape needs that distance to travel in order to cool off. The result is smooth and cool vapor that tastes delicious.


You can tell Magic Flight put a lot of care and detail into the Maud-Dib vape. The brass arms that hold the wax sheet are rock solid. The box design is carved by local artisans, and stained wood feels sensuous on the skin. The sliding monocle lid is sturdy and visually pleasing. The brass tips on the whip make for easy attachment and feel great on your lips. We advise that you mark which end you use as a mouthpiece, since the connecting end will get gummed up with resin over time.


Magic Flight boiled down the Muad-Dib vaporizer’s controls to the nth degree. The Muad-Dib vape comes with 2 rechargeable NiMH Glyph batteries. The unit heat’s when the Glyph battery is pressed into a port until it clicks. Heat up time is a lightning fast 5 seconds!

The food-grade whip easily pokes into the vapor outlet and fits snugly. The monocle/lid makes it easy to load, and the chamber is easy to clean with an alcohol wipe.


At 4 x 6 x 4 inches, the Magic Flight Muad-Dib is one of the most compact portable vaporizers on the market. You can conceal this vape in your hand and carry it in your pocket. The small, box-shaped design fits comfortable in your palm, and the rounded out edges and corners feel pleasant to the touch.

A discreet design, coupled with powerful wax vapor production and smooth, whip-style vaping makes the muad-dib vape the perfect tool for dab-like hits on-the-fly.

Enter our vaporizer contest to win a free Muad-Dib vaporizer, and change the way you vape forever!


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