5 Vapes with Really Fast Heat-up times

Vaporizers with fast heat up times

Faster than a speeding bullet, higher than a bird or plane; these vapes go from 0-420 in a matter of seconds.

Some things in life are worth waiting for, but more often than not, people don’t have time for that shit. When you need to vape that kind in a timely manner, you need a vape capable of reaching temperature quickly. The dichotomy of a fast vape for dry herb is that is must be quick enough to appease the speed freaks, meanwhile not heat so quickly that it ignites your herb, ruining the whole experience. Below are some options for the vape fan fixing to go fast.

Boundless CFV - 20 Seconds

With the third addition to their line of portable vaporizers, Boundless has not only refined their approach, but also unleashed their inner speed demon with the CFV vaporizer. Boasting a true heat-up time of 20 seconds, the CFV vaporizer from boundless will vaporize your herbs in its true convection oven before you can say “yes, please.”

The heating chamber itself boasts unrivaled customization ability, allowing the user to compliment the ceramic heating chamber with rings of quartz or wood, allowing for a more conduction-tinged vaporization experience or a low and slow vape sesh with the wood ring. 

Faster Than: You can remember you ordered that Pizza


Airvape XS Special Edition - 20 Seconds

The original Airvape xs swept the market as one of the most luxe portable vaporizers on the market for dry herb. The new design from the good folks at Airvape dials the sexy swag all the way into savage territory.

Produced in limited quantities, this super-slick vape comes in a matte black finish covering real 24K gooooooooooold, so if you go for broke and need to buy a bag, feel free to melt down the sweet, sweet gold like a high-mountain plains grave robber of yore.

Faster Than: Bruno Mars can nail his Michael Jackson Impersonation


R2 RiG Edition - 5 Seconds

Dabbers are well aware of the downtime between dab, filled with carefully scraping your concentrate goodies, filling your tourch up with butane and heatng your skillet until it’s hot enough to party. What if you could cut that wait time? With the new R2 RiG edition from this things rips your wait time to dab goes from minutes to miniscule. The self-contained unit has a chamber on the bottom to hold your wax or other oils and the deal ceramic rod atomizer heats up in 5 seconds.

Faster Than: Your dad can say he loves you


FireFly 2 - 4 Seconds

With a 4 second heat up time and the purest vapor path of any portable vaporizer, the Firefly 2 is sure to please even the most impossibly impatient. Utilizing touch-sensitive buttons, the borosilicate glass bowl of the Firefly 2 Vaporizer reaches temperature within 4 seconds.

While the initial draw may be somewhat light, allowing the heated air to circulate around the herb utilizing small “sips” before taking a 4-10 second hit will yield huge clouds in no time at all.

Faster Than: Lavar Ball can put his foot in his mouth


Herbalizer - 4-5 Seconds 

While some items are designed for luxury and others for speed, the Herbalizer is a premium vaporizer that firmly chalks W’s in both categories. Beneath a Nasa-designed space pod lays a heating chamber concealed by magnets, filled with wholly awesome power.

Whichever delivery system you choose, whip delivery, balloon bag, or steamroller to fill the whole damn room, you can count on the Herbalizer to have your herbs or concentrate up to temp in 4-5 seconds.

Faster Than: The Rate of Expansion of the Universe

Life got you low? Don’t wait to feel great, let the quick heat-up times of these vapes take you higher in seconds, not minutes. Think of all the time you’ll save for….you know, whatever you have to do.

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