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VaporNation Holiday Vaporizer Giveaway 2017

This holiday season we’re giving back with a chance to win a free vaporizer just in time for the New Year.

Santa’s bag contains 5 brand new vapes to be gifted to 5 lucky winners at the end of December.

In the spirit of giving, we’re providing over 30 ways to enter to win--all of which are quick and easy.

Here's a look at the 5 vaporizers we'll be giving away for FREE this month. If you can't wait to try them, simply click on their name to purchase them in time for the holidays!

KandyPens Prism+

KandyPens Prism+ Vaporizer

Sleek and stealthy, KandyPens Prism Plus is a wax pen with equal parts style and strength. Equipped with two premium atomizers--a dual quartz rod and a ceramic coilless--the Prism+ has a variety of vapor profiles in its arsenal. Preset temperatures are toggled using the simple single-button control, and the unit heats at a moment’s notice for quick hits on-the-fly. A glass mouthpiece preserves the essential flavors of wax concentrates, which the ceramic coilless atomizer extracts with ease. For large and in charge clouds, opt for the dual quartz rods and hit the higher temps. KandyPens Prism+ combines portability, elegance, and dab-like vapor production in one neatly designed vaporizer.

Stok Edition One by #ThisThingRips

Stok Edition One Vaporizer

#ThisThingRips is known for their extremely powerful but compact dab pens, but the Stok Edition One is the first to feature a very slick, minimalist design. This vape pen has a lot of swag to match its strength. A clean all-white look with a simple STOK logo for a button oozes elegance and discretion, while underneath the hood a juggernaut heating system is ready to reach infernal temperatures in seconds. With three preset temperatures that lie high on the spectrum for wax vaporization, Stok Edition One can heat as high as 800F. The dabs produced by this little guy are truly impressive. And unlike the usual enail or desktop dab rig, it will remember your last temperature setting, making it easy to start a session.

Boundless CFC

Boundless CFC

Most portable vaporizers don’t have precision temperature. But the Boundless CFC isn’t like most portable vaporizers. It’s smaller than the average handheld vape, but it allows you to pinpoint down to the degree any temperature between 140F and 446F. This gives you, ahem, boundless control over your vapor, which is smooth and flavor-rich. A ribbed exterior adds grip, and the ergonomic design is pleasing to the eye and touch. A powerful 1900mAh battery has a long life, perfect for on-the-go vaping when you don’t have time to charge. And the large ceramic oven makes for fewer reloads and longer sessions.

SOURCE Nail XL Sig2 Kit

Source Nail XL Sig 2

One of the most portable enails around is also one of the most powerful. SOURCE Nail XL Sig2 is half enail, half vape pen with a mighty battery. A lofty temperature range of 200F to an infernal 700F degrees gives you everything from small, flavorful hits to giant dab-like clouds of potent vapor. Compatibility with over 30 SOURCE atomizers gives your vaping sessions damn near limitless potential. High grade glass attachments (sold separately) allow you to moisture-condition your hits for a smoother experience. SOURCE Nail XL Sig2 is the next step in the evolution of nails--portable, powerful, and convenient.

AirVape OM

AirVape OM Vaporizer

Incredibly compact, discreetly designed, and surprisingly capable for such a small vaporizer, the AirVape OM is a wax and oil pen disguised as a keychain pendant. A sophisticated wooden veneer grip complements the sturdy metal build, and a dharmic om sign, embossed on the exterior, imbues upon this device a spiritual vibe that ushers in its potent vapor production. Users can swap between the included quartz rod atomizer or use 510-threaded oil cartridges, the likes of which you’ll find at your local dispensary. A glass mouthpiece delivers unadulterated flavor, which is especially tasty on the lowest heat setting. 5 clicks powers the AirVape OM on, 2 clicks toggles temperatures, and the unit heats up in just 5 seconds. The OM maybe the stealthiest on-the-go vaporizer yet.

How Do I Enter? 

With over 30 ways to enter, your chances of winning this year’s holiday vaporizer giveaway are good. But the more entries, the higher your chances.

Visit our VaporNation Holiday Giveaway portal for more information!

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