Vapir NO2 - Handheld Vaporizer

When it comes to portable vaporizers, Vapir has been a major player for a long time and the NO2 proves their worth.  Building on the technology incorporated in the Oxygen Mini, Vapir seriously stepped up their game with the NO2.  Utilizing a rechargeable lithium ion battery that allows the user to take it virtually anywhere, this portable device is perfect for those looking to vape on the move.  And with a larger filling chamber than before, it’s also great for passing around in group settings.  Frequently find yourself in a rush?  Just grab the NO2 and with the capability of reaching proper temperatures within a minute, you’ll be vaping right away.  The digital temperature control allows for full accuracy within two to five degrees and the choice of either Fahrenheit or Celsius.  Equipped with a temperature memory system that stores a favorite temperature, the Vapir NO2 makes things personal to the user. 
Unlike many portable vapes on the market, the NO2 can actually be used while charging and that is definitely a convenience that should be included with every model.  Another wonderful feature is the automatic shut off that will cause the unit to power down if left idle for 20 minutes and a helpful remind is always welcome.  The flameless heat that is created by using a stainless steel encased pure brass heating element protects the herbs from any accidental burning or charring that may be caused with other devices.  This is also incredibly helpful when being used outdoors, as the NO2 will produce vapor even if it’s windy or cold.  While some of the other vaporizers available can be unreasonably loud, the NO2 produces no sound, which is great when being social or simply trying to watch a movie. Vapir is an innovative company that continues to produce the highest quality vaporizers and anyone considering the NO2 should make moves on this brilliantly constructed portable unit, they won’t be left disappointed.
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