Vaporizer Relationship Advice

Vaporizer Relationship Advice

Your vaporizer deserves your love and compassion. It really does. Let me explain. Just like the attention you give to your car or the consideration you put toward making sure your cellphone is charged, there is an equal if not superior amount of care you need to give your vaporizer if you want it to stick around and continue to provide you with live-giving vapor.

There are two important practices you’ll need to get into the habit of in order to keep your relationship with your vaporizer alive and healthy.  It may not require hugs and kisses, but the connection you forge with your trusty vape still needs to be maintained by correctly cleaning and storing it. 


Vaporizer Relationship AdviceA clean vaporizer is a powerful vaporizer who will always excite you and encourage you to grow. A dirty vape, well, it just won’t have the same spark it had before you stopped giving it routine cleansings. Without giving proper thought to these essential parts of your vaporizer, you will undoubtedly be forced to witness your vape relationship crumble before your very eyes.

The mouthpiece is a breeding ground for nasty microbes to set up shop and start planning their attack on your unsuspecting soul. Since it will periodically come into contact with moist lips, saliva can stick around on the mouthpiece after your done ingesting delectable chronic-laced vapor, giving germs and their friends a place to party. To make sure pathogens steer clear of your mouthpiece, always make an effort to remove the mouthpiece and give it a good rub down with an isopropyl-soaked cotton swab. Always let the mouthpiece air dry after cleaning to give the alcohol time to evaporate.

It doesn’t take much time churning clouds out of your vape to notice that the holy chamber bears the brunt of the cost of vaporization. Particle buildup and undesired dregs will coat the inside of the chamber, and without being cleaned wholly, will result in cruddy tasting and less potent vapor. To ensure your chamber stays fresh and fertile for a consistently rewarding vaping experience, disconnect the chamber from the rest of the unit and use a cotton swap dipped in isopropyl alcohol to evict any and all grim. Just like with the mouthpiece, set aside the newly restored chamber and let the alcohol evaporate before filling it back up with tasty herb.

For someone looking to show their vaporizer that they truthfully, whole-heartedly, unabashedly respect the billowing relationship they have with their vape, you can take cleaning to the next level.  To give the ultimate wash, you need to use a cleaning solution designed for the fragile and meticulous pieces of a vaporizer such as the Formula 420 Soak-N-Rinse Cleaner. By soaking the begrimed vaporizer elements in a magical solution like Formula 420 Soak-N-Rinse Cleaner overnight, you’re ensuring a complete purging.  The best part? No scrubbing required.  


Vaporizer Relationship AdviceA sparkling clean vaporizer is worthless if it’s stored incorrectly. You can maintain it all you want, but if you don’t take some pride in how you store and transport your vape, it won’t survive very long.

There are a plethora of vape cases and vape bags on the market, and they are all very similar in concept and design.  Find one that fits your particular vape and don’t be scared to drop some coin on it.  Nearly every top brand carries their own signature vape case that is structurally crafted to fit it perfectly, keeping it safe from falls off table edges and the jaws of hungry doggies.

Don’t forget about traveling. Protection is vital if you’re heading to a friends for some Netflix and Chill with a side of herbal vapor.  A bumpy ride can easy crack the small glass and plastic parts of your vaporizer if it’s not stored safety in a vape case.  

On a final but very important note, consider where you’re traveling. A good chunk of states aren’t too keen on the cannabis lifestyle (yet) and because of this you’ve got to stay vigilant in your efforts to avoid tickling the fuzz in the wrong way. Before storing your vaporizer into a durable vape case, give it a thorough wash with a potent solution like Formula 420 Soak-N-Rinse Cleaner. This way, even if the swine spot your vaporizer, there will be no evidence of illegal substance on account of your foresight and some help from Formula 420 Soak-N-Rinse Cleaner.

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