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“What temperature should I set my vaporizer?”

The first question you will ask yourself when you get a new vape is also one of the most intricate and paramount.

No matter where you look or whom you talk to, there will be others claiming to know the true temperature to set your vaporizer and they are most likely wrong.  The real answer is that there is simply no bona fide temperature that you can apply across the board of diverse vaporizers that will perfectly toast your bud each and ever time. Come to grips with this fact.  It is unshakeable and out of your control.  Don’t fret, however, because there is hope and if you keep the following facts in mind you will surely be able to determine what temperature to set your particular vaporizer to for pure puffs of satisfying goodness.

HerbalizerDespite precise technique and utter determination, it is sadly impossible to extract the totality of desired beneficial components from weed without losing a sizeable percentage in the process.  This is most obvious in the primordial practice of smoking a joint or scorching a bowl.  That red cherry that results is no more than a burning red orb of wasted psychoactive constituents.  Thankfully, vaporizers have drastically cut down on the wastefulness but require a bit of fine-tuning to work as designed. 

While dry leafy materials like weed can potentially begin to combust (releasing harmful byproducts you really don’t want) at temperatures as low as 392°F (200°C), most vaporizers can reach temperatures much higher. This is great, because a whole plethora of valuable cannabis elements require even hotter temperatures to vaporize correctly.

For the full range of psychoactive chemicals to be vaporized entirely, you should shoot for a temperature falling in the range of 314°F to 428°F (146°C to 220°C). Even though combustion can occur in the upper levels of this range, the brief moments that the herb is exposed to higher combustible temperatures does not persist long enough to produce smoke and his nefarious friends like ammonia, tar, and formaldehyde.

Let’s be honest, the ideal vaporizer temperature range of 314°F to 428°F (146°C to 220°C) is wide. This is for a reason.  Each vaporizer, regardless of type or model, requires a unique temperature as diverse as the shapes and colors they come in. The variation has to do with factors such as battery voltage output, chamber shape and capacity, and the condition of the tool itself.  Additionally, let’s not forget the weed.  The drier the herb, the more sensitive it is to increasing temperatures; the moister the bud, the more uneven and ill-balanced the vaporization will become.

Da BuddhaSome vaporizers allow the user to manually adjust the temperature based on degrees, while others operate on a more basic system of dial settings. By way of example, two vaporizers that allow you to set the exact temperature include the Herbalizer and Arizer Extreme Q. On the other hand, an example of a vaporizer that functions on different dial settings is Da Budda vaporizer. For the Herbalizer vaporizer, users have found the most effective temperature around 355°F to 385°F (179°C to 196°C).  If you’re using the Arizer Extreme Q vaporizer, try heating it within a range of 374°F to 419°F (374°C to 215°C).  For those toking with Da Buddah vaporizer, shoot for a setting between 2 and 4.

When you are gauging the most absolute temperature you can find for your vape, you will inevitably encounter the notorious burnt popcorn aroma. Don’t worry, this unpleasant scent is the universe’s rude way of letting you know that you messed up.  Take this stinky smell as a compass you can use to direct the temperature toward greener pastures.  Enjoy your experimenting within the 314°F to 428°F (146°C to 220°C) range and in due time you will find the one that works best for you.

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