Vapor Paths of Glory

It’s the journey one takes that makes them who they are. The same goes for vapor. A lot can happen inside a vaporizer, as vapor travels down the vapor path from the heating chamber to the mouthpiece. Some vaporizer manufacturers take this into consideration and design vapor paths which deliver smoother, cooler, and more flavorful hits. Let’s break down the three main methods for achieving excellence through the vapor pathway.

Glass-on-Glass Vapor Pathways

Vapor Paths of GloryGlass-on-glass vapor paths are a popular way to ensure vapor quality. Glass is inert. That’s Bill Nye’s way of saying it doesn’t react to heat, and doesn’t rub off any funky flavors or aromas on your vapor. Plastic or metal vapor paths can sometimes make vapor taste, well, plasticky or metallic. Vaping connoisseurs who want to taste the extracts of dry herb and concentrates as they’re meant to taste are keen to invest in vapes that incorporate glass parts.

The FireFly 2 is a good example of a portable vaporizer that utilizes glass to deliver fresh vapor from the chamber to your lungs. The Life Saber vaporizer by 7th Floor also incorporates a handblown vapor path for clean and flavor-rich vapor production. The Arizer Solo goes all glass, too. Bear in mind, the theory that glass makes vapor taste better is just that, a theory. There are plenty of vapers who don’t see a difference, and that observation may also vary between vaporizers. But one things for sure: Glass is a low-temperature, chemically inactive material. Science says there is some truth to the concept of glass delivering tastier, smoother vapor.

Extended Vapor Paths

Another method used by manufacturers to deliver smoother vapor is extending the vapor path. The logic is pretty solid. The longer the distance vapor must travel from the heating chamber to your mouth, the more time it has to cool down. The cooler the vapor is by the time you inhale it, the smoother it feel.

One way to extend the vapor path of a vaporizer is with a whip, or long medical grade tubing with a mouthpiece on one-end and connector wand on the other. The most common whip-style units are desktop vaporizers like the Herbalizer and Volcano. By the time the vapor rolls down the food safe tubing to your lips, it has become brisker, which is easier on the lungs.

Cooling Vapor Paths

Vapor Paths of GlorySome vaporizer manufacturers are really innovating on the vapor path. Look at the SideKick portable vaporizer by 7th Floor. Not only do they include a hand-blown glass mouthpiece that protrudes from the unit to extend the vapor path, they developed what they call Vortex Vapor System. This spiral-shaped metal insert can be cooled in the fridge or the freezer. As vapor passes through it, it not only lengthens the distance it must travel, but cools it to the touch.

The vapor path of your vaporizer plays an integral role not only in vapor purity, but smoothness. Those who prefer flavorful hits should opt for a glass vapor path, including the mouthpiece, while vapers who can’t handle harsher hits should invest in a vape with an extended vapor pathway.


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