VaporNation now offers the Skull Ascent Vaporizer!

In designing the Ascent, DaVinci set out to make a device that could be enjoyed by folks from every walk of life and every social niche. That's why they make the Ascent in five different exteriors. You've seen the basic Stealth look, the throwback Burl Wood finish, the ultra-professional Croc Skin wrap, and the utilitarian Carbon Fiber casing; now VaporNation is thrilled to introduce the Skull Edition of the Ascent Vaporizer at the same low price of $249.99.

Below is a close-up view of the Skulls Ascent. This one maintains all of the features and structural integrity of the original Ascent Vaporizer: all-glass vapor delivery, oil/wax/herb triple compatibility, digital LED temperature and battery life display, and the ability to stand straight up on a table top. Most importantly, this Ascent is just as efficient and effective as its big brothers, but carries that "I'm a badass" attitude.

As you can see, these are not real skulls on the vape skin. That would be downright creepy and may run the risk of invoking a substantive discussion on the ruling plutocracy's proliferation of wanton violence upon the world. Fortunately these are merely cartoon skulls, kind of a cross between Edvard Munch's "The Scream" and The Punisher, an aesthetic that is much more appropriate to the stoner set who simply want to turn off their brains and listen to Master of Puppets while watching re-runs of "Duck Dynasty."

(See how that skull analogy came full circle?)

At no extra cost, you can show your friends that you're serious about taking big dab hits straight to the dome. This artistic design was conceived and manufactured right here in the good ol' US of A (Las Vegas, to be exact). DaVinci's 2 Year Warranty means that they are serious about delivering a satisfying experience and they stand behind every Skulls Ascent they create.

Curious about how to use the Ascent? Check out the tutorial video I made using my Burl Wood version:

What designs would you like to see on future editions of the Ascent? Let me know!
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