VIDEO: What is a Vaporizer?

A lot of folks find our channel and see all the vape how-to videos we've got in the archive, but aren't quite familiar with the reasons behind vaporization as a daily aromatherapy practice. Since so many fans have hit me up with emails to this effect lately, we decided to create a series of videos answering many of the basic questions people have when they are introduced to the concept of vaporizing versus smoking.

This week's video is focused on answering some baseline questions about these products such as "What is a Vaporizer?" "How do Vaporizers Work?" "Are there Significant Health Benefits?" and "What are the different Types of Vaporizers?" There is lots of information out there and we decided to put our years of experience testing, using, and improving these devices to work so that you are able to make a more informed purchase for your personal aromatherapy practice.

We used some of our favorite devices to create this informational piece including the Volcano Digital, VaporBrothers, Silver Surfer, Da Buddha, Magic Flight Launch Box, and G Pen Vaporizers.

I have included a transcript after the jump. We hope you find this tutorial helpful. If you have additional questions, please let me know and we'll keep cranking out informative videos for you guys!


What’s up everybody? Vapor MC here. Welcome to Vapornation. Whether you’re on our website or on our youtube channel you’re watching this video because you’ve heard of this thing called vaporizing and you want to know more. Well today I’m going to break down the basics of vaporization for you and answer some questions such as what is a vaporizer? How do they work and how can a vaporizer help me?
So what is a vaporizer? Well quite simply a vaporizer is any device which contains a heating source that allows the user to heat their therapeutic compounds without igniting them, which results in combustion. Vaporizers are calibrated to work at a temperature that is much lower than you would get with a flame. You’re probably asking “Vapor MC why should I vape? What makes it a better alternative to smoking?” Glad you asked.
First it’s healthy. See when you vaporize, your material heats at roughly 385 degrees Fahrenheit which allows for the release of all the active ingredients you want from your material without releasing any harmful byproducts of combustion such as carbon monoxide, naphthalene, toluene, tars and other carcinogens.
Second, it’s tasty. Vaping allows you to enjoy the full flavor of your material without that harmful burning sensation.  And when I say material I mean dry herbs, waxes, essential oils, e-liquids, and e-juices.
Thirdly, it’s efficient. Vaporizing allows you to conserve your material, which means you can enjoy longer sessions and save money. Fourth, it’s discreet. Vaporizing emits a vapor which dissipates quickly into the air as opposed to smoke which leaves a pungent lingering aroma.

Now let’s talk about the different types of vaporizers.  There are two general categories of vaporizers out there: desktop vaporizers and portable vaporizers. The distinguishing characteristic between these two categories is the power source. With desktop vaporizers you’re going to plug those into a wall whereas portable vaporizers are powered off either an internal or external rechargeable battery and in some cases powered by butane.

Now I’m going to tell you about the different types of desktop vaporizers. The first subcategory of desktop vapes is the whip-style vaporizer. The whip style vape is so named because of the inhalation method which is, surprisingly enough, a whip. A whip is constructed out of three main components: a mouthpiece, a length of tubing which can be silicone or vinyl, and the loading chamber which is sometimes called the wand. Now this is a standard connection which means that the user must hold the wand containing the material up towards the heating chamber while inhaling, to create the airflow.

Now we’re going to look at the other type of whip style vaporizer which is known as a hands free connection. As you can see here the wand rests against the heating element allowing for users to inhale without having to hold it there themselves. The other style of desktop vaporizer is what’s known as a forced-air vaporizer. These are so named because they feature an internal fan which pushes the hot air and vapor upwards into either a whip attachment or a balloon bag attachment which can be detached and passed around for group sessions.

In the portable vaporizers category, you’ve got units that feature an internal rechargeable lithium battery. These batteries charge within about an hour providing two to three hours of continual vaporization. Now portable vaporizers offer convenience, added stealth and the same level of efficiency with your material that the desktop vaporizers offer. A smaller subset of portable vape is the pen style vaporizer. These are the most discreet and offer the most versatility in terms of material that you’ll vaporize. You can vaporize e-liquids, essential oils, e-juices, herbs, or waxes with the pen style vaporizers that are out there.

Whew! That’s a lot of information right? Lot of vaporizers out there. But don’t worry. If you have questions about a specific vape, check out our YouTube channel, subscribe because we do how-to videos that go even more in depth on specific products. A vaporizer should really say something about you. Like your car, like your iPhone like your house. We want your vaporizer to be an extension of you. So if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments or give us a call and do subscribe to our channel.

Thanks for watching. We’ll see you next time here at VaporNation, your online vaporizer superstore.
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