Volcano Vaporizer - The Cadillac of Forced-Air Vapes

After many years using vaporizers I am impressed at the selection and quality of products currently available. When I first started vaporizing there weren’t too many vapes out there, and a lot of the manufacturers were limited in distribution. Now there are tons of vapes available: from tiny handheld ones to super powerful ones. All of these units are made to meet the specific needs necessary for the different types of customers. Even after all these years, the best vaporizer I have used is the classic Volcano Vaporizer. Manufacturers worldwide have attempted to imitate Storz & Bickel's superior construction, but the Volcano stands the test of time, still the most powerful and reliable vaporizer. The unit's world renowned heating qualities and unparalleled performance make this the top-dog of vaporizers. Having tried many different forced air vapourisers, I still keep going back to the Volcano due to its efficiency, durability, and reliability.

The Volcano Vaporizer, like most German made products, uses advanced technology through its components. The heating system of the Volcano is revolutionary for how quickly and effectively it heats my blends. There isn’t any other vaporizer that comes close to how well it heats up and how much concentrated vapor is produced. With the Volcano, I truly feel like all the active ingredients are activated and stored inside the bag system. The bags are good for group sharing as well, as it stores a ton of vapor and the mouthpiece can be changed easily. A key feature is how the bag is detachable once filled and can be passed around effortlessly. The temperature control system is the most precise I have ever used in a vaporizer. A lot of vapes claim to have good temperature control capabilities but end up taking forever to reach optimal vaping temperature. The Volcano has never let me down; it will continue to be a standby vaporizer for years to come.