Volcano Vaporizer Meets Magic Flight Grinder

Whoah guys. We just realized something really cool: you know the MFLB nano finishing grinder, that nifty little wooden cheese-grater type gadget you got as an add-on with your Launch Box Vaporizer?
It actually works with the Volcano loading chamber as well! Yeah, I know I know – super mind-blowing vape convergence, but it’s actually pretty simple to execute. Just grind up your herbs with a normal acrylic, SpaceCase or Herbivore Grinder, then set your MFLB Finishing Grinder on top of the Volcano loading chamber and dump those shreds from your metal grinder into your MFLB Finishing Grinder.

As you can see, the Magic Flight Finishing Grinder is more of a grater style press than a shredding grinder like an Herbivore or SpaceCase grinder. This is for pressing and pulverizing your blends into tiny crumbs that are not quite as fine as the pollen you'll see in your Herbivore catch screen, but it's pretty small little flakes that make for extremely efficient vaporization in the Launch Box or the Volcano, as you'll see.

As with the MFLB itself, the finishing grinder has a bit of a learning curve, so don’t worry if it feels a little weird. To get the most out of it, just press down and twist hard; this will grate the herbs against the bottom of the grinder and reduce the leaves to a fine crumbly powder, perfect for even and efficient vaporization with the Volcano Vaporizer.
The biggest mistake people make with the Finishing Grinder is not pressing hard enough. Since there are no serated edges or metal teeth inside the grinder you’ve got to press down intently and twist hard to mash the grinds against the bottom of the grinder. What this will do is pulverize the shreds even more thoroughly, into tiny parmesan cheese like crumbles, which is perfect for vaporizing in the MFLB oven or the Volcano loading chamber.
From there, just do what you’d normally do. Heat up your Volcano to the desired temperature and once the ready light illuminates, set your valve chamber and bag on top of the unit, and click the fan on to fill up a balloon bag full of flavorful vapor. This is now my swear-by, stand-by method for vaporizing with any desktop vaporizer. Now to check out the VapirRise loading chamber and Zephyr Ion basket, to see if the Magic Flight Nano Grinder fits those valves as well.
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