Volcano Vaporizer - The Pinnacle of Vaporizing

The Volcano Vaporizer could easily be considered the pinnacle of the vaporizer experience and can be argued on many points.  It offers a balloon method that fills with vapor and is storable for up to eight hours.  So for those who become easily distracted, your vapor will be conveniently waiting in the bag and will even shut off after twenty unused minutes.  This vaporizer has got your back and with its patented technology that removes harmful toxins and other byproducts, your lungs are safe too.  Also, there is nothing more relaxing than being able to lean back with a balloon full of vapor and not have to worry about accidently yanking a whip out in the process.  A vaporizer that was truly ahead of its time when first produced by Storez & Bickel, the Volcano continues to please and shows no signs of stopping.  The only company to employ a certified quality management system, no consumer should be disappointed with a Volcano.

With various balloon method vaporizers popping up on the market, Volcano brand continues to shine as the original and has acquired quite the fandom.  Constructed from a food safe tasteless heating block, this means the only thing you’ll taste is the full flavor of the herb and that’s what everyone wants.  Designed in a way that gently heats the herb and never chars or burns it, this device allows for optimal vapor output.  With a digital model that gives the user freedom to truly control the temperature, the Volcano should be every connoisseur’s companion.   A quality made machine that takes vaporizing to new highs and is perfect for every occasion.  Grab all your friends, gather around the Volcano Vaporizer, and pass around the healthiest way to enjoy aromatherapy.  The Volcano has for a long time been considered the standard in the vaporizer community.
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