VripTech Heat Wand has Arrived!

The VripTech Heat Wand is an exciting new addition to our product line up. It is a modular vaporization system designed to adapt to any situation. The VripTech Vaporization Chamber Bowl allows users to vaporize through the pipes they already own. Maintain the ritual of smoking, while taking advantage of the health and economic benefits of a vaporizer. The VripTech Vaporization Heat Wand is highly functional and easy to share with others. The small form factor makes it a breeze to use and handle.  This vaporizer was specially designed for water filtration enthusiasts who are hesitant to abandon their traditional delivery devices.  


 Key Features:
  • VripTech VHW and Chamber Bowl adapt to any water filtration apparatus
  • Small enough to fit in the palm of the hand
  • High Quality Extraction
  • The taste and efficiency of the ceramic encapsulated heating element is unmatched
  • Easy to Use
  • Adjustable Temperature Control
Unlike other heat wands/guns, the VripTech Heat Wand has an adjustable temperature control system that allows the user to find the perfect vaporizing temperature.  This device works with basically any type of water filtration and it can also be used with other devices.  Instead of inhaling the dangerous fumes that come from butane, the VHW delivers high-quality heat without any health risks.  For true vaporizer connoisseurs, the choice is simple: VripTech!
VaporNation Content Writer

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