Wanna hide that Smell? Use a Smoke Buddy!

Are there any places that you are unable to smoke (but would like to) for fear of getting into some kind of trouble?  Whether it be keeping it from your parents in your room, the resident adviser at your dorm, or maybe while at a concert keeping it on the down low so you can enjoy the show without getting harassed.  Then the Smoke Buddy is for you.  No need to go to the trouble of having to make a sploof, or other contraption to attempt to hide your smoke anymore.  This ingenious little contraption will take care of all your smoking worries so you can be at ease.  How it works is, there is a charcoal filter inside of the Smoke Buddy, which when smoke passes through it, it conceals it completely.  And another plus is that when you exhale through The Smoke Buddy, no smoke comes out at all.  So no one is the wiser that you are even smoking anything. 

It’s so small that you can use it directly out in the open in front of anyone and everyone.  It’s so easy to use that anyone can utilize the Smoke Buddy effortlessly.  Now if you are worried that you will have to replace the filter constantly, don’t be.  The manufacturer states that it can be used up to 300 times before having to change the filter.  And it’s been found to actually work even longer than 300 hits.  So if your current living situation limits you to only being able to smoke outside, or if you are one who enjoys being able to smoke in public without the attention and trouble that comes with it, then I would definitely recommend the Smoke Buddy to you.