What makes the Arizer Solo special?

What makes this amazing little vaporizer so special?  Well I will rattle off five reasons why:

1.  The first reason I really like the Solo (made by Arizer) is that is features an all glass air path, not plastic like some of the other portables.  The glass really improves the flavor of the vapor and almost makes cleaning your vape much simpler.

2.  It's compact, about the same size as a can of Redbull.  It will fit in your pocket but I don't advise it.  It is much better suited for a backpack, purse or my favorite, the FannyPack.

3.  The Arizer Solo also has a straightforward LED temperature control system.  This makes it super easy to start vaping at exactly the temperature you prefer.  I like to vape around 4-5 mark, in my opinion that is the sweet spot.

4.  They are made in Canada and since Canada is the United States little brother that's close enough for me.  The Arizer Solo is known for using extremely high quality components, the battery being one of them.  Fully charged the Arizer can provide with over three hours of continuous vaping.

5.  Last but definitely not least is the warranty.  Arizer offers a lifetime warranty on this portable vaporizer.  The warranty covers ANY defect related to the heating element.  You know it is a quality product when the company making it stands behind it for life.

Read what this lovely VaporNation customer had to say about their Arizer Solo.
"I am saving a pile of money on grass! I have owned one for over a year, but only recently realized I was overfilling. It was great before, but now it's fantastic. An improvement of 100%. I recently bought another one which holds the stem more securely. With the added security of the new arizer holding the glass stem I find I am much more mobile and I can take it almost anywhere. I have found that if I keep it below 6 I will not cough, but if I set it to 6 I will cough if I take real big hit. So, I only go over 5 when I am am no longer getting productive clouds and I want to extract the last little bit of essence from the plant material. You cannot go wrong with this cloud generating machine!"  - Biffster, May 20th 2013
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