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The Herbalizer has been making lots of waves throughout the vape community over the past few months.  It is great to see that manufacturers are still pushing the limits and creating better more efficient vaporizers.  When the Herbalizer was first released everyone was wondering if it was possible for the vaporizer to live up to all the hype.  Some skeptics had pegged the Herbalizer as overpriced and underwhelming before ever even seeing it.  Rumors were circulating that the 300w halogen bulb was not built to last and that the components used to build the Herbalizer were not of the highest quality.  People started to question if the amount of time and effort spent developing the LCD screen and software used to program the desktop vaporizer was worthwhile.

Why is the Herbalizer Vape getting so much buzz?

Most people would call the Herbalizer a dual-purpose vaporizer in that it is designed for use with loose-leaf plant material and essentials oils and waxes.  There a three main ways to enjoy your vapor once you decide what exactly it is you are going to vaporize.  The first method is simple, called the Freestyle method: you just let the vapor fill the room directly without capturing it first or using the whip to control it.  The second method is the whip method where you inhale it right away without letting any of your vapor escape.  The third method is great for parties or large groups of friends.  You attach a balloon bag to the vaporizer and capture all of the essence from your material.  Then you just pass the bag around between friends and enjoy the vapor at your own leisure.  It is a great team building exercise and a whole lot of fun for everyone. The SqueezeValve™ Balloons take balloon vaporizing to the next level because there's no valve to close; it closes for you! This way you can breathe, pass and be done without worrying about any vapor escaping the bag.

The Herbalizer can also be used in two different delivery modes; the Aromatherapy setting is designed for traditional aromatherapy with plants such as lavender, eucalyptus, and mullein. Vaportherapy allows for direct inhalation of euphoric strains you'll find at your local dispensary via either the aforementioned balloon bag or whip system.

But the versatility doesn't stop there: the recreational user will applaud the Herbalizer for its full compatibility with loose-leaf dry herb as well as concentrates such as waxes and essential oils. Switching between materials isn't a pain in the ass either, as with the Volcano, which requires weird urinal cakes to handle oils. With the Herbalizer, simply dab your wax onto the little brillo pad and it will never spill out into the regular leaf chamber.

NASA-inspired Technology is at the heart and soul of the Herbalizer. CEO Josh Young designed the Herbalizer by taking all sorts of factors into consideration, primarily heat-up time, ease of use for patients and efficiency of extraction. To achieve this extraction the Herbalizer utilizes an internal halogen bulb and an whisper-quiet fan in conjunction with a , a combination that achieves unparalleled temperature control within under 5 seconds. It also offers users a streamlined experience in a way that doesn't look like paraphrenalia. As Young demonstrates in his FOX News interview, the Herbalizer is truly a home medical appliance, not too far off from the original Vicks Vaporizers that inspired the whole vape craze.

What did the VaporNation tests reveal?

After everything was said and done the debate was finally over.  The Vapor MC and his crew battle tested this vape with every variable imaginable: loose-leaf dry herb, essential oils, waxy oils, and aromatherapy blends passed through the handy magnetic chamber and none disappointed. "Herbie" is now officially one of the greatest vapes ever assembled.  Each mode provided satisfying results for all testersWhen you purchase the Herbalizer you will also get a power cord, cleaning brush, herbal blend sample, quick start guide, two spare bowl screens, two aromapads, 2ml DeFunk essential oil sample, one grinder card, a stash box, magnetic bowl piece, one mouthpiece, 3ft of silicone tubing and four SqueezeValve™ Balloons. Each of these implements was included for a specific and valuable purpose, which we will explicate below.

Added Accessories:

DeFunk Essential Oil - Never ones to shy away from an opportunity at a pun, the Herbalizer crew created a special aromatherapy juice called "DeFunk" to do just that: get rid of any residual aroma that your Herbie session may leave behind. We personally think the Herbalizer does the best job of any vape at keeping your practice discreet, but these NASA nerds straight up went the extra mile by inventing their very own concoction to restore your environment to its a more neutral smell.

Replacement SqueezeValve™ Balloons - After a period of a couple months, you may begin to notice some discoloration in your bag. This means it's time to replace your Herbie bag so you can continue to enjoy the pure extraction flavor of your botanicals.

Grinder Card - Prepare to meet the most important business card in your wallet. With your Herbalizer Grinder Card, you'll never find yourself having to vape un-shredded dry herbs again! Slip it discreetly into your billfold and anywhere you need to grind up your leaves, simply wave them gently across this Grinder Card like a cheese grater, and voila! You're ready to vaporize in seconds; at home or on the road this thing allows complete autonomy with your herbal vape.

What are the PEOPLE Saying about the Herbie?!

Andrew Tarantola, the resident vape expert at Gizmodo, says:
"There's a lot to like about the Herbalizer. For one, it's innocuous, even when in use. Unlike the Volcano, which can get trash-compactor loud, the Herbalizer is whisper quiet even on the highest fan setting. Its heating element evenly and smoothly toasts a bowl without the need for stirring and without burned spots. I also like that you can use it to vape concentrates and oils as well (just set them on the spare aromatherapy disk and set it in the crucible.)
Even the aromatherapy function—which is usually just employed in tabletop vapes as a cheap means of adding legitimacy to an otherwise purpose-built stoning machine—works really well. It creates a pleasantly diffuse scent that fills the room without being overpowering and certainly a better option than lighting a stick of Nag Champa after your session.
There's also a lot not to like about the Herbalizer. The upper lid and storage section are flimsy. They don't close smoothly, stay shut, or even really fit together all that well. Still, these are superfluous details, the core functionality of the device is solid.
But he qualifies his enthusiasm when presented with the price tag; Tarantola seems a little sticker shocked:
"$730? Hahahaha—oh wait, you're serious. Vocanoes run from about $400 for the "classic" analog model up to $620 for the digital version. This is $110 more. To start. Granted, it can and fill a bag in less time than it takes for the Volcano to preheat and makes your room really fucking fantastic, but $730. That's a stupid amount money by any standard."
To which, High Dad replied:

"I've had the pleasure of using this piece of futuristic machinery on many occasions. Each time I'm even more impressed then the previous. All these comparisons to the Volcano are just silly. It's like comparing a Honda Accord to a Ferrari. I think a back to back vape session is needed to truly appreciate the ability to dial in the temp at which you vape. It's a different experience at every temp, low (uplifting, energizing) to high (melt into your couch, eat your roommates 7 week old Ben & Jerry's). While the upper lid and storage is not as durable as an old Chevy pick up truck, I don't really think it needs to be. What do you plan on doing with it? It's not like it fits in your pocket and you might drop it if you're not careful. The Herbalizer is NOT cheap, but neither is a BMW, nor was the iPod when it first it came out. Remember the old iPod?! In my opinion this is the BMW/iPod of the vaporizing industry, and it's only the first edition. It's for the connoisseur, the gear head, the people who don't mind paying a little more to have the best. The next editions will undoubtedly be better in many ways, but The Herbalizer will definitely change the way you enjoy your herb."

 Bud, the VapeCritic anointed the Herbalizer his Top Overall Vaporizer, saying:
"It’s an ultra high-end vaporizer that works amazingly well with both herbs and concentrates, and it offers both balloon and whip-style vaping experiences.
Vapor quality and performance is really top-notch, but its unique benefits are its super fast heat up time and ultra precise temperature control.
Heat up time is seconds compared to the minutes most other units take, and the temperature precision allows you to experience vaporizing like you’ve never experienced it before."

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