Whip Style Vapes - A Great Way to Vaporize at Home!

Delivery methods are crucial for getting the best performance and ultimately the most enjoyable experience from your vaporizer. The most common options are using a balloon bag system, straight draw, or a “whip” system. All of the different methods have their advantages and are geared toward certain preferences the user might find optimal. Using a whip-style vape like the Vapor Bros or Easy Vape is fairly straightforward method being made up of three crucial parts. This consists of the wand, the tubing, and a mouthpiece. Each part is essential for functionality and for the user to get the most out of their vape. The mouthpiece is where you inhale from, the tubing is a medical grade tube where the vapor flows through, and the wand is a glass piece and screen which is directly attached to the heating element of your vape.

There are differing methods for inhaling your vapor. With the whip-style method, you’re getting a very complete and effective way of vaporizing. Straight draws are good for quick on the go sessions and bag type systems are better for group usage because it can hold a lot of vapor. With whips you get a very versatile system. They allow for quick use; once its attached vapor gets released quickly and smoothly through the tubing as well is it’s easy to pass around if you decide to share. Granted it won’t be as effective for group use like using a bag but still works better then a straight draw. If you are chilling by yourself, whips are perfect. Whenever I am at home I like to grab my whip-style vaporizer and go to it. One thing that is necessary for up-keep is to make sure to replace the whip components every once in a while. This will ensure longevity and durability for many uses to come.