What to Stock in Your Vape Shop - Holidays '18

What to stock in your vape shop this holiday season

An essential strategy for capitalizing on the holiday sales rush is stocking up on the items you know your customers will buy.

For vape shops, being prepared with an inventory of the best wholesale vaporizers and more will help you reap the benefits of the holiday season rather than deal with dissatisfied customers.

The question is, which wholesale vapes are hot this year?

To help you out, here's a list of the best-selling wholesale vaporizers. You can order these units and more at industry-low prices using our Wholesale Portal.


AirVape Xs Wholesale Vaporizer

AirVape Xs 

AirVape Xs is a portable herb vaporizer with style, grace, and powerful vapor production. This lightweight, compact vape features precision temperature control, a rare feature for handheld units, controlled with simple rubber “up” and “down” arrows. A ceramic heating oven extracts essential compounds without burning dry herb, and a borosilicate glass mouthpiece cools each hit. Vibration notifications discreetly announce when vaping temperature has been reached. AirVape Xs is a stealthy, sexy vape that’s popular with millennials as well as dry herb enthusiasts who want more control over their vapor production with no shortage of portability.

KandyPens Prism Vaporizer

KandyPens Prism

Chances are a large number of your customers are wax concentrates enthusiasts. Designed for on-the-go use, KandyPens Prism is a compact but mighty wax vaporizer that dabbers will appreciate. Two atomizers--ceramic coilless and dual quartz rod--offer different vapor profiles. Preset temperatures, chosen using the single-button interface, are optimized for the most common wax concentrates and vaping styles. Vapor flavor is preserved by the two included glass mouthpieces. Prism conveniently charges via Micro-USB or Lightning. The solid but lightweight stainless steel build is pocket-friendly and perfect for on-the-go vaping.

Source Nail XL Premium Kit

Source Nail XL - Premium Kit

For those who want the power of a dab rig on-the-go, the Source Nail XL Premium Kit is an extra compact enail with a vape pen battery. Compatible with Source 4 Series and XL atomizers, Source Nail features a dab tool and carb cap for loading material into the atomizer. Included in the Source Nail Premium Kit is a glass bubbler that moisture-conditions each hit, as well as a glass globe attachment. Also included are three coilless atomizers: Titanium, quartz, and ceramic. Popular with dab enthusiasts, Source Nail XL Premium produces huge clouds in just 30 seconds.

Famous Brandz Water Pipes

Famous Brandz Glass

Not everyone is into vaporizers. A significant segment of herb lovers prefer good old fashioned water pipes. One of the best-selling bong companies in the world is Famous Brandz. Their lineup of high grade borosilicate glass water pipes is truly impressive in design and performance. Offering both wax and dry herb water pipes, Famous Brandz utilizes advanced features such as showerhead percolators, dual bubblers, double domes, and contoured necks for convenient inhalation. These hand blown glass pipes are huge bestsellers among bong aficionados.

KandyPens Feather Vape

KandyPens Feather

Designed specifically for premium Nicotine Salts eliquid, the Feather is the first ecigarette from KandyPens and the first vaporizer for Nic Salts (although it’s compatible with standard ejuice). The 2ml refillable tank accommodates a day’s worth of vaping, while the autodraw heating system delivers vapor in just 5 seconds. At 80mm tall and 8mm wide, KandyPens Feather is extremely compact. Designed in the USA, this limited edition ecigarette is protected by a lifetime warranty, a major selling point. Customers will recognize the value of this sleek, stealthy, and powerful way to enjoy Nic Salts on-the-go.

BO One Vaporizer

BO One

The BO One vaporizer is a sophisticated auto-draw ecigarette that puts French aromas and rich flavors in the palm of ejuice enthusiasts. Customers seeking a higher end vaping experience without sacrificing portability will appreciate the BO One. It takes 1.5ml replaceable BO Cap eliquid cartridges available in 21 different flavors and 3 nicotine levels. The premium French eliquid contains no ambrox, diacetyl or acetyl propionyl. Users can charge up via Micro-USB, and enjoy a rapid 5 second heat up time.

SMOK Alien Kit

SMOK Alien Kit

For the cloud chasers who come to your shop seeking a reliable mod kit at a fair price, the SMOK Alien Mod Kit features a powerful 220 watt battery with variable voltage (0.35V - 8V) and a suite of advanced eliquid tanks and coils. Included is the TFV8 Baby Tank with a top-fill design and expanded 34.5mm chassis with a larger 5ml tank. Instead of featuring the usual power button, the SMOK Alien has a firing bar that enables easier firing while the vape is in your grip. A compact 300mm wide, 85mm tall build makes the SMOK Alien vaporizer ideal for portable vaping.

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