Why is the Arizer Solo the right Vaporizer for you?

Here are five quick reasons the Arizer Solo is the right Vaporizer for you.

1:  It's extremely portable and easy to take with you.  It's about the same size a small energy drink and can fit in your pocket, purse or briefcase.  The glass stem detaches so you don't have to worry about breaking it.

2:  It's affordable as well.  While being one of the more expensive portable vaporizers it is consistently ranked as one of the best.  Many users have even replaced their desktop units with this hard hitting portable vape.

3:  Durability isn't an issue.  Arizer really put some time into research and development with this one.  The created sturdy vaporizer that wont break when you drop.  The glass stem is also very well made and can withstand a decent thrashing.

4:  The battery life.  This is where the Arizer really shines in my opinion.  It has one of the best batteries in it's weight-class especially when you consider the rich vapor it can produce.  It also holds a charge extremely well, capable of lasting weeks without need of another charge (with minimal usage).

5:  It's discreet, but still looks stylish.  Once you remove the glass draw stem no one could guess that this is a vaporizer.  Left alone on your office desk or at home kitchen your co-workers or family members would never even give it a second glance.

Take a look at what this satisfied customer had to say about the Arizer Solo portable vaporizer:

"This is hands down the BEST product of any kind that I have ever bought. I'm blown away by the effectiveness of this unit. I can't say enough good things about it. VaporNation also gave me one of the best online shopping experiences I have ever had. Your price match is the most consumer friendly program of any store. It's ease of use is unparallelled. You guys r awesome! Thanks for such a great product, Arizer, and thank you VaporNation for such a pleasant shopping experience! Rock on!" - Adam

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