Why Use Herbal Vaporizers?

 Within the last 10 years, Vaporizers have quickly become the popular healthy alternative for people trying to avoid the harmful effects of smoking.  Herbal Vaporizers are capable of heating your favorite herbs at a much lower temperature when compared to a smoking device.  Instead of inhaling all the dangerous by-products that are associated with combustion, you inhale only the essential compounds from your plant matter.  Combustion creates a multitude of dangerous by-products, including various carcinogens and increased tar and resin production.  Herbal Vaporizers are also very efficient and capable of preserving your herbs substantially when compared to burning them.   Some of the best Vaporizers available today include the Volcano, Arizer Extreme Q, Predator, and Silver Surfer.  These popular Herbal Vaporizers are capable of producing vapor quickly and efficiently.  The easiest and most obvious way to depict the health benefits of a vaporizer is to compare the resin production of a Volcano balloon bag to that of a smoking device.
Another recent trend in recent years has been Tobacco and Nicotine-Free Cigarettes.  A healthier alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes, these cigarettes contain only all-natural herbs like lotus leaf, Chinese lobelia, Green Tea, Sage Leaf, and Mugwort Leaf.  Most store bought tobacco-filled cigarettes contain many chemicals and other harmful ingredients that are very hazardous to your lungs.  These tobacco-free and nicotine-free cigarettes provide the user with the pleasure of smoking, but without all the harmful side effects of tobacco and nicotine.  People who are expecting to have surgery or an operation would love these herbal cigarettes because they don’t have nicotine; which is not allowed prior to surgery.  These are also great for people who are looking to kick their dirty habit, but still want to enjoy the relaxing physical action of smoking.  Tobacco and Nicotine-Free Cigarettes usually come in a variety of flavors or blends, including Menthols and Whites.  It’s great to know that healthy alternatives to smoking are now being introduced because the dangers of smoking need to be realized by the general cigarette consumer.