Why use a Vaporizer?

Over the last fifteen years, Vaporizers have become a healthy alternative to smoking.  When an herb is heated over 500 degrees Fahrenheit, combustion occurs by releasing the active substances and making them available for absorption through the lungs.  Unfortunately, many of the carcinogens associated with smoking are also inhaled and become very dangerous to the lungs.  On the other hand, vaporizers will heat up the herbs to a temperature between 300 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit.  By maintaining this lower temperature, combustion never occurs.  Instead, a light vapor is produced that contains virtually no tar and significantly lower levels of dangerous gases like carbon monoxide.
When Vaporizers first arrived on the market over fifteen years ago, there wasn’t much selection available for consumers.  Luckily, that has changed dramatically.  Nowadays, there exists a large variety of vaporizers, including; Portable Vaporizers, Digital Vaporizers, and Forced-Air Vaporizers.  The first company to make a stamp on the Vaporizer industry was Vapor Brothers.  Manufacturing a quality product and providing excellent customer service made this company an early leader among vaporizer manufacturers.  However, without a doubt, the best vaporizer on the market is still the Volcano Vaporizer.  It has been the best vaporizer for nearly ten years now.  Manufactured in Germany, these Forced-Air Vaporizers are simple to use and extremely efficient. 
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