Why Willie Nelson Switched to Vaping

Why Willie Nelson Switched To A Vaporizer

Willie Nelson vapes. In fact he introduced Snoop Dogg to vaping. Sounds like a bit of trivia to share at a party. But it also sheds light on why more and more smokers are turning to vaporizers.

The Legend Didn’t Always Use a Vaporizer

Willie--we’re pretty sure we can call him Willie--has always been the most honest about his dry herb use. Even after several arrests for possession. Not that the 83-year-old singer/songwriter is that outspoken. He just doesn’t hide it like other famous people do. Perhaps that’s why anything he says about dry herb, including his opinion on dabbing, edibles, and vaping ends up being newsworthy. Willie explained his stance on smoking vs vaping to Larry King:

“I’ve changed my habits a little bit.” He told King on CNN. “I’ve smoked so much and I got congestion from it, wheezing in the night and coughing. So I switched over to a vaporizer. You don’t get any smoke, and you don’t get any heat. And for a singer, or someone’s lungs, it’s much, much healthier.”

That pretty much answers the Is vaping better than smoking question, not that science hasn’t already chimed in.

So what does Willie Nelson consider the best vaporizer for dry herb?

The Red Headed Vaper

When asked whether he prefers a desktop vaporizer or vape pen, Nelson told CelebStoner, “There are a few of those little pens going around. I see them around California, those e-cigarette type pens. They're all right.”

That suggests he’s more of a tabletop vaping session guy. In fact, he can be seen on Youtube sharing a desktop vape session with Snoop Dogg, who claims Willie Nelson is the only person who ever outsmoked him--a high accolade.

When asked if he dabbles in dabbing, the man many call a ‘country music legend’ said, “No, I don't really like any of those things. But vaporizers are good for your lungs. Cigarette smoke will kill you. I never heard of anybody dying from smoke. Vaporizers I think are smarter.” He’s also admitted he doesn’t use edibles after a pot cookie mishap decades back.

Willie Nelson has a point about the positive effects of vaping for those looking for an alternative to smoking. Research shows that vaping is 95% safer than smoking, a now famous statistic.

Desktop Vaporizer vs Portable Vaporizer

Why Willie Nelson Switched To A VaporizerAs for Willie’s preference for desktop vaporizers, these units are likelier to produce bigger, stronger hits than portables, which a long-time smoker would appreciate. Desktop units are also great for sharing during vape sessions, and we all know Willie Nelson’s penchant for inviting fans and famous folks alike for a toke on his bio-diesel tour bus, the Honeysuckle Rose.

And then there’s the question of vapor purity. After all, people usually switch to vaporizers to avoid the harmful by-products of smoking dry herb. Desktop units like the Herbalizer, often touted as the best vaporizer ever, produce incredibly pure vapor that would appeal to those switching from smoking to vaping for health reasons, as well as connoisseurs who appreciate smoother, more flavorful hits.

Choosing the best vape is a matter of subjectivity that comes down to preference. Do you share when you vape? Do you like big hits or small puffs? Does your lifestyle require vaping on-the-go? But if Willie Nelson has an opinion on anything herb-related, it’s worth listening to.