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  • The BO Vaporizer Power Charging Station allows you to charge up remotely without an AC or USB power outlet. This discreet and compact box features a port into which the BO One vaporizer slides, connecting via USB for faster charging. A powerful 1500 mAh battery streamlines charging and boasts enough strength for 4 full charges. The sleek and comfortable exterior comes in a variety of colors to suite your style--beige, black, red, and blue. Pocket-friendly and stylish, the BO Charging Station is an essential companion for vaping on-the-go with the BO Vaporizer.
    • Remote Charging
    • Multi-Coating
    • USB Connection

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The BO One Vape is compatible with a variety of essential BO Vaping Parts and Accessories that are just as innovative as the vaporizer itself. From remote charging stations to extra long magnetic charging cables to the patented BO Cap e-liquid cartridges, BO Vaporizer accessories enhance your vaping by providing a seamless, satisfying user experience. Made with the highest quality materials and design standards, with simplicity as the focal point, BO Vape chargers, cables, and cartridges are as efficient as they are easy-to-use.


Based in Paris, France, BO Vaping understands a need among city-dwellers for a vape that’s easy to use anywhere. Their BO Vaporizer Charging Station allows you to charge up from wherever life takes you without having to find an AC or USB power source. The BO Vape Power Station harnesses the power of 4 charges in one battery, empowering your vaping sessions with remote charging capabilities.


The most essential BO Vaping accessory is the BO Cap, a 1.5ml cartridge loaded with premium e-liquid. Unlike the vast majority of ejuice cartridges, BO Caps feature an innovative proprietary connection that plugs in instead of screwing on. Rather than fiddle with the oil cartridge, simply snap it in and start vaping. This BO Vape part comes in a variety flavors in the Tobacco, Fruit, Gourmand, Bubble Gum and Mint categories, as well as three nicotine levels. All Bo Vaping E-liquid contains no trace of diacetyl, acetyl propionyl, or ambrox. Expect intense flavors, arousing French aromas and satisfying potency.


BO Vaping went the extra mile with their charging cable, which spans an impressive 70cm length. It features a magnetic connection, highly durable rubber, and the lengthiness needed for vaping while the unit is charging. This BO Vape part connects easily to the USB port at the butt-end of the BO One Vaporizer, making for seamless connections that save you time and energy. Once plugged in, the BO Vaporizer Cord is extra-long, enabling you to easily vape while the unit is charging.


BO Vaping couples modern design styling with the best materials to deliver high performance vape accessories. These essential tools don’t just play a part, they enhance the overall vaping experience in new, exciting ways. Whether you need replacement BO Caps, charging cables, or the BO Vaporizer charging station, you can expect the utmost quality and performance.