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  • The BO One Vaporizer is a sleek, striking auto-draw e-cigarette with an innovative 1.5ml replaceable pod cartridge known as the BO Cap. Not your average ecig, the BO Vaporizer features a powerful 380mAh battery along with a USB charging dock, an elegant, ergonomic chassis, and a no-thread proprietary connection for quick loading of the BO Cap. Black Market ensures the utmost quality in their e-liquids, which come in 21 flavors, 3 nicotine levels, and do not contain acetyl propionyl, diacetyl, or ambrox. Discreet, robust, and intuitive to control, the BO Vaporizer offers an innovative portable pod system that delivers smooth, flavorful hits on-the-go.
    • Proprietary Connection
    • Auto-Draw Battery
    • Sleek and Stealthy

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Based in the heart of beautiful Paris, France, BO Vaping has put a sophisticated touch on the portable vape, offering sleek, striking designs and ease-of-use rarely seen in the vape world. BO Vaping incorporates French aromatics, cutting edge technology, and modern design sensibilities to offer a portable vape for the millennial, doing away with excessive features and honing the essentials down to a simple yet effective science. Whereas the average vape requires pushing buttons, unscrewing attachments, and loading e-liquids, BO Vaporizers streamline vaping with an intuitive user experience. No controls, no threading. Just on-demand hits of premium e-liquid on-the-go.


BO Vaping reimagined the portable vape with the BO One Vaporizer, their flagship device. Loaded with premium e-liquids that carry French aromas and flavor-notes with no unwanted additives, the BO One Vape delivers flavor-rich, milky, and potent vapor on-the-go with a seamless user experience. BO Vaping paid obsessive attention to the details, incorporating a magnetic charger connection, a proprietary no-threading connection, and a sleek, solid build that fits comfortably in the hand or pocket. The battery is auto-draw, meaning the heating system is activated when you inhale--no button work necessary. BO Vaporizer heats rapidly, enabling quick hits in small time frames. In a word, BO Vaping has perfected the essential functions of the portable vape and trimmed away what’s unnecessary, delivering the ideal vaping experience.


To simplify and enhance e-liquid vaping all at once, BO Vaping developed the BO Cap, a pre-filled oil cartridge loaded with premium, chemical-free ejuice. This high quality e-liquid contains no BO Caps are loaded into the BO One Vape via a proprietary plug-in connection with absolutely no threading. Just snap the BO Cap in and vape. BO Vaping offers a variety of flavors and nicotine levels to match every preference. This wide menu of flavors breaks down into five categories: Tobacco, Fruit, Mint, Bubble Gum and Gourmand. The transparent BO Caps enable you to keep track of your e-liquid levels while adding a certain mystique to the overall look of the BO One Vaporizer.


What sets the BO One Vape apart from the rest is a smart design that reflects in the simple but effective user experience that BO Vaping has set out to provide. A remote charging station (sold separately) ensures you can power up from anywhere, harnessing 4 charges per full battery. From the magnet connection that allows you to quickly snap the USB charger into place to the 70cm charging cable that allows you to vape while powering up via pass-through charging down to the snap-on connections and auto-draw vaping, BO One Vaporizer is as easy to use as they come.