Bubbler Attachments

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Enhance Your Vaporizer

While vaporizers offer a much cleaner alternative to smoking, the experience can be further enhanced with the addition of a bubbler attachment. Aside from further filtering the vapor through water, the attachments can aid the quality of the vapor, making it less dry. The additions will also allow for larger hits as the vapor is even further cooled. Many of these add-ons are proprietary, meaning they may only work with vaporizers made by the same manufacture. It's always a good practice to check for comparability before purchase.

Vaporization + Water Filtration

For those accustomed to water pipes, bubbler attachments offer familiar functionality with the added health benefits of vaporization. Looking to vary up your vape use? A bubbler can add some novel variety. The attachments are user-friendly and can be added or removed from your vaporizer set up in a matter of minutes.