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  • The Famous Brandz Jade East Concentrate Water pipe is a compact, yet powerful dab rig for smoking waxy oil concentrates. Part of Famous Brandz Cheech and Chong Up in Smoke line of water pipes, the Jade East pipe is crafted using the finest borosilicate glass, which delivers the essential flavor notes and aromas of your dry herb in smooth, tasty draws. At just 7.25 inches tall, the Famous Brandz Jade East concentrate pipe is travel-friendly and easy to carry around. The showerhead downstem ensures optimal moisturizing of your smoke for truly comfortable hits that taste and smell great.
    • Borosilicate Glass
    • Compact Design
    • 14mm Ground Glass Connection

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  • The Famous Brandz Strawberry dry herb water pipe is one of the most compact units in the line of Cheech and Chong Up in Smoke water pipes. This beaker style dry herb pipe is constructed with 100% borosilicate glass that preserves the true flavors and aromas of your dry herb strains. The more compact 7" height makes the Famous Brandz Strawberry water pipe travel-friendly and easy to use around the house. The contoured neck bends toward you for convenient hits, and the male 14mm bowl holds an ample amount of dry herb. The Cheech and Chong Up in Smoke Strawberry moisturizes smoke for cooler, easier hits of your favorite dry herb strains.
    • Borosilicate glass
    • Compact Build
    • 14mm Male Bowl

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Famous Brandz is at it again, blending pop culture icons with their brand of premium glass water pipes to set a higher standard of smoking. Famous Brandz Cheech & Chong pipes imbue your smoke sessions with style, tradition, and a little mischief. Each Up in Smoke glass pipe bears a clean and clear look with original Cheech and Chong logos and artwork complemented by elegant black accents. Every glass water pipe in this lineup is a modern take on familiar designs, blending O.G. style with new functionality. Elegant and finely crafted with a nostalgic spirit, the Cheech & Chong Up in Smoke pipes pay respect to a bygone era that lives on in the heart of every smoker.


Famous Brandz pays homage to Cheech & Chong with a lineup of truly upstanding Up in Smoke pipes. An awareness of the past puts a new spin on the Cheech & Chong image. Gone are the dopey stoner caricatures, replaced instead with iconic silhouettes of the dynamic duo in a sleeker light. With a variety of different styles based around the classic water pipe design, there’s a Cheech and Chong water pipe for everyone. The Up in Smoke pipes bear the mark of modern day functionality with flared mouthpieces, ergonomic curvature in their bowls, bases, and necks, and sophisticated showerhead percolators that fully moisturize clouds for smoother rips.

Dab rigs like the Famous Brandz Anthony pipe feature all-glass nails for the utmost smoke quality. Uniquely eye-catching designs like the palm-friendly Clyde Double Bubbler introduce a new way to enjoy dry herb, delivering twice the water filtration with a dual water chamber that doubles as a handle. Cheech and Chong pipes like the Famous Brandz Strawberry offer a welcomed revision to the classic pipe design, with a curved neck for easy smoking and a beaker-style water chamber for deeper moisture-conditioning.There are Famous Brandz Cheech and Chong pipes for dry herb or wax concentrates, enabling you to pay respect to the two greatest smokers in history, no matter what your preferred material may be.


Famous Brandz chose the highest grade glass available for their Cheech and Chong Up in Smoke pipes. This medical-grade borosilicate glass not only looks amazing but boasts incredible heat resistance that plays a key role in smoke quality. As smoke passes through the air path of each Cheech and Chong pipe, the glass surfaces remain cool. The borosilicate won’t adulterate the natural flavors and aromas of dry herb or waxy oils. Nor will it allow high heat hits to stay too hot. Preserving each flavor note, the Famous Brandz Cheech and Chong line of glass water pipes delivers cutting-edge smoke quality with a classic feel.