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Maintaining a Clean Vaporizer

Vaporizers are like automobiles. Periodic maintenance keeps them running smoothly, and ensures they last longer. That includes cleaning your vaporizer. Vaporizer cleaning supplies fall into three categories: Glass and plastic cleaning solutions, odor removers, and cleaning brushes. Each of these plays an important role in keeping your vaping sessions fresh, which can reflect positively in bigger areas of your life. These cleaning solutions are non-toxic, ensuring healthy vaping, and can also keep your vaporization discreet by eliminating funky scents.

There are plenty of vape cleaning solutions out there. Some solutions are concocted specifically for certain material, which can include glassware, plastic, ceramic, and rubber. Popular vaporizer cleaning products include Orange Chronic, made of natural ingredients including orange extracts, and Formula 420 Soak-N-Rinse, which allows you to soak vaporizer components over night for deep cleaning.