Clearing Your Cookies

Sometimes your web browser's cookies can cause issues logging into websites, including VaporNation. We'll show you how to clear your cookies here so that your login issues go away.


  1. Clearing your cookies in Chrome
  2. Clearing your cookies in Firefox
  3. Clearing your cookies in Edge
  4. Clearing your cookies in Internet Explorer
  5. Clearing your cookies in Safari
  6. Clearing cookies on iOS
  7. Clearing cookies on Android

How to clear your cookies on Chrome

Click the button with three dots in the top-right hand corner of your browser window:

Click "Settings":

This will take you to the following Settings window, which will take up an extra tab on your browsing session. At the bottom of this page, click "Advanced":

Once the Advanced Settings options open up, you’ll see a section called "Privacy and Security". Click "Content settings near the bottom":

You will be brought to the following window, which is where we’ll be handling everything related to Chrome's Cookies settings. Click "Cookies".

Click "See all cookies and site data":

Search for "" in the search bar.

To clear your Vapor Nation cookies, click on any trash bin icons that appear next to VaporNation cookies listed.

Note: There won't be any confirmation window when you choose to delete a cookie, so make sure you definitely want it gone before clicking if you don't want to lose any important data or logins.

How to clear your cookies in Firefox

Clearing your cookies in the Firefox browser is a fairly similar process to what you’ll find with Chrome, with a few key differences.

To start, click on the button in the top-right corner with three horizontal lines:

Click "Options":

Once you’re in the options menu, find the search bar located at the top right. Search for "cookies".

Once you search for cookies, the cookies settings will appear. Click on "Manage Data":

In the "Manage Cookies and Site Data" section, search for "":

Click on each VaporNation cookie that appears, and click on "Remove Selected" to remove those cookies (Or just click "Remove All Shown"):

NOTE: You have to click "Save Changes" on the bottom for the cookies to remain cleared. The Save Changes button is located at the bottom right:

Clearing your cookies in Edge

Cookies in Edge are located in their "Hub", which looks like a star fading into three lines:

From the Hub, click on History, which has a picture of a clock and a rotating arrow:

From here, click on "Clear History" to access the cookie information:

Choose "Cookies and saved website data", and click on "Clear" to delete your browser's cookies:

Clearing your cookies in Internet Explorer

For Internet Explorer, click on the gear icon to access the browser's options:

Then click on "Internet Options":

Under "Browser History" click on "Delete..." to get to the cookie deleting dialog:

In this menu, make sure "Cookies and website data" is check, and click on "Delete" to clear your cookies.

Clearing your cookies in Safari

To clear your cookies in Safari in OSX, start by opening up the settings menu by clicking Safari in the top menu, and then "Preferences" from the drop-down shown below:

From here you should get to your main settings window. Once that opens, click on the Privacy tab, the one with an icon containing a gray circle with a hand in the middle:

This is where all your cookie data and preferences can be configured. To clear your cookies completely, first click on the "Manage Website Data..." button:

As was the case with other browsers, from here you’ll see a full list of all the cookies that are currently stored as a part of your browsing session.

To remove individual cookies, type "" into the search bar, highlighted here:

Once you’ve done that, a list of any cookies associated with the domain you typed in will appear.

Select the one you want to delete, and click the "Remove" button (or just click "Remove All":

Clearing cookies on iOS

To clear cookies on an iOS device, start by opening up the Settings app, and then scroll down to the Safari button and tap it:

From here, scroll down to the button labeled "Clear History and Website Data":

Tapping this will clear all the cookies from your Safari browser.

Clearing cookies on Android

To clear cookies on Android, start by opening up the Chrome browser from your home screen. Next, tap the three buttons in the top right corner of your screen. From here, scroll down to the tab labeled "Privacy":

Next, scroll all the way down to the tab labeled "Clear browsing data" and tap it:

From here you’ll be able to see what cookies Chrome has stored on your Android device, as well as the option to clear them:

Start by choosing the time scale you want to clear from, and then tap "Clear Data" in the bottom-right corner to delete it: