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Parts & Accessories to Keep You in the Clouds

In addition to making a feature-rich, forward-thinking line of portable vaporizers, cloud Pen continues to create vaporizer parts to keep your vaporizer in tip top shape, as well as accessories which allow for upgrades or additional wax pen features. A portable vaporizer is much more subject to wear and tear than a desktop vaporizer, due to its on the go nature. Take care of your wax pen or vape pen with accessories and parts directly from the manufacturer. Ease headaches and simplify your repair process, by finding parts manufactured exclusively for your vape pen, so you can vape on!

Don't Let Your Wax Pen Get Sidelined

While wax pen construction lends itself to long term use due to its simple design, consisting of a battery, an atomizer and a mouthpiece; your vape pen will require maintenance from time to time. Whether your portable vaporizer needs a simple tune up, a new part, or suffered a gnarly fall, finding the correct part for your vaporizer will ensure you and your wax pen spend more time vaping and less time worrying. Cloud Pen offers a variety of parts for their current vape and wax pens. Here you can find replacement atomizers, and batteries for your portable vaporizer. Parts are well organized by vaporizer so finding the piece you need for your vape pen is easily found.