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Genuine Replacements for your Crafty Portable Vaporizer

The Crafty vaporizer comes standard from Storz & Bickel with a two year warranty, this offers a sense of peace of mind for your portable vaporizer. However, if anything minor should go wrong, or if you surpass the warranty of your dry herb vaporizer, rest assured, all parts for the Crafty portable vaporizer can be found and replaced with ease. The design of the Crafty not only optimizes the use of dry herbs in a portable vaporizer form factor, but also maximizes longevity and ease of operation. The vaporizer features a modular design in which all high-usage parts can be replaced to keep your Crafty running optimally.

The Best Vaporizer is a Well-Maintained Vaporizer

While the Crafty portable vaporizer is designed and manufactured to very high standards, any dry herb vaporizer is only as good as the maintenance performed by its user. All vaporizers will require regular cleaning and occasional parts replacement to keep vaporizing dry herb efficiently. A new mouthpiece can easily be placed on the Crafty to restore neutral taste, screens can be purchased and used to keep the heating element functioning properly. This dry herb vaporizer features a unique hybrid heating system, which offers convection and conduction heating to quickly and evenly vaporize your dry herb. Simple maintenance and replacement can keep the best vaporizer functioning even better, so take care of your dry herb vape and it will keep taking care of you.