Da Buddha

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  • The Da Buddha GG Hands Free wand is made of sturdy borosilicate glass and is intended for use with all Da Buddha Vaporizers. It's designed using ground glass for the tightest connection possible and stamped with the classic Da Buddha logo.

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  • These stainless steel replacement screens made by 7th Floor for the Silver Surfer, Life Saber and Da Buddha desktop vaporizers are available in varying sizes, and fit different components of each vaporizer. There are ten screens per pack.
    • 10-Pack
    • Stainless Steel
    • Compatible w/ SSV, LSV, DBV

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Finding Da Buddha Vaporizer Parts

If you're looking for vape parts for Da Buddha vaporizer by 7th Floor, we have all you need stocked in our online warehouse, from replacement screens to new vaporizer whips to a water filtration adapter. But first let's talk about the life-altering device that is Da Buddha desktop vaporizer. Blending spirituality with sophisticated vaporization technology, Da Buddha features the inspired craftsmanship, durable materials, and excellent vapor production of its sister vaporizer, the Silver Surfer, but at a more affordable price. 7th Floor vaporizers burst onto the vaporizer scene with quality desktop vapes of alluring eccentricity and Da Buddha vaporizer lives up to the hype with glass-on-glass elements and a high quality ceramic heating source. Da Buddha delivers pure tasting vapor as smooth as the mists of Bodh Gaya where the Buddha himself became enlightened.

Vape Parts for Da Buddha by 7th Floor

Da Buddha parts are available for maintenance, such as replacing a screen or vaporizer whip. But some Da Buddha vaporizer parts are meant for enhancing your vaping experience. Take for instance the Elev8 Switchball whip kit with glass elements or the SSV water filtration adapter for moisture conditioning and purifying vapor. The Sidekick custom glass bubbler may bear the name of 7th Floor's only portable vaporizer, but it's compatible with their desktop vapes, including Da Buddha vaporizer. This artistically crafted glass water pipe attachment moisturizes and purifies vapor for smoother hits. If you're big on the little details, 7th Floor's Silver Surfer stir picks provide a colorful way to load concentrates into Da Buddha and stir up the bowl to ensure even vaporization.

7th Floor focuses on delivering vaporizers that work well and feel good. Their vape parts help complete their vision. Da Buddha parts are made of quality materials such as hand-blown borosilicate glass with an artist's touch.