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  • Made by DaVinci, the Ascent Vaporizer represents the latest in vaporizer technology. This unit features a digital temperature control system that allows the user to adjust the vaporizing temperature with ease and precision. The removable glass mouthpiece makes it easy to transport and ensures only the best tasting vapor because of the all-glass pathway. The Ascent Vaporizer was made using the highest quality components and utilizes a ceramic heating element for producing the best quality vapor.
    • 4 Unique Styles
    • 3+ Hour Battery Life
    • 100% Glass Pathway

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Named after the legendary master of arts and sciences, DaVinci Vaporizers has offered innovative portable vaporizers since 2011. Known for their sophisticated designs, advanced software, and excellent vapor production, DaVinci has lived up to their name by rethinking the vaporizer time and time again. Their first offering, the DaVinci Vaporizer, shook up the game with precision temperature control, high grade materials, and sleek portable design. They followed up with the Ascent, with an all-glass vapor path that preserves the essential flavors and aromas of herb. Most recently, they've launched the DaVinci IQ, a more compact, elegant unit that impresses with its smart technology and incredible vapor production. DaVinci Vaporizers has remained ahead of the game by consistently releasing smaller, stronger vapes with features no one had conceived of prior their launch.


With a 31% smaller design for maximum discretion, the DaVinci MIQRO herbal vaporizer boasts the same power as its big brother, the IQ, with a stealthier build. A sleek anodized casing offers comfort, durability, and style with a dazzling LED display that keeps you in control. Featuring precision temperature, Smart Path heat settings, and a ceramic zirconia vapor path, this innovative device is smaller and smarter than the average vaporizer. Enjoy life exactly how you want, whether you seek creativity, euphoria, calm, or sleep.

Designed for dry herb enthusiasts seeking new experiences, DaVinci MIQRO is equipped with four predetermined heat settings, but also enables users to choose, to the exact degree, their preferred temperature. The 100% ceramic zirconia vapor path is inert and thermal-resistant, delivering 100% of the essential flavor-notes found in dry herb. A hidden feature displays 71 secret messages at random when the device is shut off, promoting positive experiences every session. Featuring an ultra-compact size with power that's anything but small, DaVinci MIQRO turns the herb you like into the vapor you want--anywhere, anytime.


DaVinci's first vape has remained a popular unit by virtue of its advanced yet simple controls, compact design, and powerful heating system. Unlike most portable vapes, the DaVinci Vaporizer features precise temp control, allowing users to hone in on the best temperature for their dry herb strain or wax concentrate. Users toggle temp using simple "+" and "-" symbols, after which the unit heats in under a minute. The temperature is displayed in a clear and brightly lit LED display that keeps the user informed about their vaping session. DaVinci Vaporizers took these features and made them incredibly user friendly, releasing what is to this day one of the greatest portable vaporizers on the market.

The DaVinci Vaporizer is famous for its excellent vapor production. Pure, potent, and smooth, each draw displays a marked flavor and aroma. Compatible with both dry herb and wax, this device heats materials with precision to unlock the essential tastes and scents with no combustion. That palatable vapor flows through an extended vapor path--a dynamic flexi-straw--which gives each hit more time to cool before it is inhaled. Thanks to its precision temperature control, powerful heating system, and cooling vapor path, the DaVinci Vaporizer is capable of delivering excellent vapor production on-the-go.


DaVinci Vaporizers elevated their game even more with the Ascent, a stronger, stealthier, and sleeker portable unit boasting their trademark vapor production. Constructed with high grade materials including a borosilicate glass air path and 100% medical grade chamber, the Ascent vaporizer delivers dense draws that are just as potent and flavorful as they are smooth and comfortable to inhale. The ceramic heating element is glass-lined, optimizing vaporization and minimizing combustion. Dry herb and waxy oils are vaporized beneath the point of combustion to ensure pure, potent hits. What's more, this heating system can be programmed using the Ascent's advanced yet easy-to-use interface.

Rare for a portable vape, the Ascent has programmable temperature patterns that help unlock new vapor profiles, flavor notes, and effects. You can set the unit to start at one temp for two minutes, then gradually increase over another two minutes, and finish up at an even higher temp at the end of the session. This extracts different flavors, aromas, and effects with each increase in temperature, offering a uniquely complete vaping experience. Like its predecessor, the Ascent vaporizer offers precision temperature so you can extract the essentials from your materials with ease and efficiency, all while boasting a compact and stealthy design that's ideal for vaping on-the-go.


DaVinci's latest release is a masterpiece of sophistication through simplicity. The IQ vaporizer features an elegant exterior, smooth as stone, that's both solid and lightweight. Beneath that sleek surface sits one of the smartest, strongest heating systems we've seen. Powered by a replaceable 18650 battery, this unit vaporizes dry herb with precision and thorough heating that extracts the best flavors and aromas without combustion.

The IQ is just as stealthy as it is powerful. The compact, ergonomic design fits the palm snugly, hiding easily within one's grip during use, making the IQ a stealthy companion for on-the-go vaping. Although it's compact, the IQ is solidly constructed, withstanding the wear and tear of each adventure, all while weighing lightly in your pocket.

This DaVinci Vaporizer boasts some of the best vapor in the business. The ceramic zirconia vapor path is heat resistant, ensuring the smoothest, cleanest and most flavor-rich vapor possible. Unique Smart Path temp settings start at one temp and gradually increase 20 degrees, unlocking a new found range of flavor notes and aromas. These temperature settings can be chosen and even customized in the DaVinci IQ mobile app using a smartphone.


DaVinci continues to rank among the top vaporizer manufacturers, and is widely viewed as an industry pioneer and innovator. Never settling, DaVinci has evolved with the ever-changing industry, staying on the frontline of changing trends and advanced vaping technology. Through a commitment to cutting edge vaporization technology and quality product designs, DaVinci has been able to secure their spot at the top of the industry. By offering the most up-to-date vaporizers at the lowest possible prices, DaVinci has seen an increase in the popularity of their vapes and customer base. Operating on the basis of customer satisfaction, all product feedback is listened to carefully, as DaVinci knows that hearing what customers have to say is the best way to stay connected to their audience, which in turn allows them to make important tweaks and improvements to their vaporizers. To top it all off, DaVinci stand by their portable vaporizers, offering a two-year warranty that covers any defect related to the heating element.